The Wednesday's episode of Star Plus' ‘Ishqbaaz’ ended with Shivaya (Nakuul Mehta) and Anika (Surabhi Chandana) bringing back Omkara home from the trap of Svetlana from the forest. He has still not regained consciousness.

Thursday, Jan. 19th episode update:

The show begins with Tej looking for the missing Svetlana at the Oberoi Mansion. His wife Jhanvi and Dadi (Grandma) tells him that his son Omkara was brought home unconscious, he is still to recover, and Tej is worried about Svetlana. They all ask Shivay what exactly happened. He tells them that he fell and something hit his head.

Anika madly in love with Shivaay.

Meanwhile, Anikka who confessed his love for Shivaay when he was unconscious in the jungle is still confused what she did. She told him she loves him, but he was not in a position to hear.

She behaves weirdly with him at home leaving Shivaay confused. Next, her brother asks her that is she really in love with Shivaay.

A bell rings in her ears whenever Shivaye come near to her. The scene that she confessed her love to Shivaay keeps coming in her mind. But she tells her little brother that she loves only him, and he is her only weakness.

Tia and Romi again plan to kill Anika

In the next scene the Kapoor Sisters Tia and Romi talk over the phone and wonder how all these people escaped, and their plan failed. Romi tells Tia that both Anik and Shivaay saved each other.

This time she has a plan, and she thinks Anika is sure to get killed.

Sivaay's mom Pinky comes there, and Tia cuts the call and pretends as if she is not well. Pinky sympathizes for her while Tia poisons her mind against Anika by telling her that she can't eat food while Anika is in front of her as she is trying to kill her unborn child.

Pinky agrees with her and assures her she will resolve this Anika issue at the earliest. Tia tells her that she has no proof against and they need to gather it first.

Shivaay suspicious about the happenings

Shivaay is telling Anika that the entire plan was hatched by someone to create trouble. The misguiding of the car chase of Omkara, the rope in Anika's throat and she hanging, is all someone's plan. But Anika is in love and can't hear him; she is in a different world.

The show comes to an end with Anika's brother Sahil entering the room and telling that she has fever - 'Love Fever'!