The Tennessee Volunteers go into the 2016 season with a lot to prove. Over the past couple of years, they have fought back to national prominence.

After coach Butch Jones landed a lot of great recruiting classes, the Volunteers are now picked to win the SEC East from the media.

One of the most important parts of their current team is their quarterback. Josh Dobbs is one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the country, and this year he is ready to show the country why he is one of the best players around.

Not only is he a dual threat player, but he also is one of the smartest players in the conference.

He is majoring in aerospace engineering, and over time is expected to make a huge impact both on and off the field.

Josh Dobbs

Josh Dobbs has several traits that make him a great player on the field. First of all, he is a great leader and his teammates respect his body of work.

He leads by example, and he plays with a lot of hard effort in every game. Against Georgia last year, a Tennessee player fumbled the Football at the goal line.

Dobbs ran all the way across the field to catch the player. Although the player still scored, Tennessee would go on to win that game in dramatic fashion.

If Dobbs is going to take the next step this year, there are several things that he needs to work on. His downfield accuracy is inconsistent at times, but he has made some great throws over the years.

Last year, he threw a perfect 80-yard bomb to Josh Malone in the Kentucky game.

Tennessee Schedule

Tennessee has a tough schedule going into this year. There is a four-game stretch where it may be difficult for them to come out without a loss. Phil Steele has this Volunteer team ranked as the number 7 in the country.

This is a great opportunity for the program to step up and build on their national prominence.

Anyone who is looking for ways to discount Josh Dobbs going into this year will be proven wrong.

Not only is he a great person and leader for the community, but he is a great football player who possesses all of the knowledge needed to make a lasting impact.