Although he's dated several famous women, including Russian supermodel Irina Shayk, Cristiano Ronaldo may after all be gay. The unsubstantiated claim came from the French television, which alleged that the Real Madrid footballer, 30, is dating the Moroccan kickboxer Badr Hari. Unfortunately, the report also suggested that this relationship may be affecting the performance of the "best Soccer player in the world" in the pitch.


From womanizer to homosexual? Or is Cristiano Ronaldo bisexual? The truth is that there are no answers or arguments to prove the veracity of these rumors, just a few photographs that may indicate a mere friendship. In a controversial photograph that Ronaldo shared on his Instagram, where he's being lifted in Hari's lap, the Portuguese footballer even wrote "Justmarried" in the caption.

French TV makes the stunning revelation 

During a sportive show on French television, one commentator made the revelation that promises to shake the soccer world.


Daniel Riolo says he does not care about the sexual orientation of the players, nor even what they do off the pitch, since this doesn't affect them during the game time. And as an example, he took the alleged homosexuality of Cristiano Ronaldo to the discussion.

"I'm sure flying off to Morocco three to four times a week to see a friend and cuddle with him might have an impact on his performances eventually," Mr Riolo said on French TV. 

According to Extra Confidential, the issue is already worrying Real Madrid.

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And yes, the subject pulled by Riolo is nothing new at the Bernabeu, in Spain. Although the 'blanco' player has his own private jet that takes him where he wants to go, whenever he wants to go there, the club is, reportedly, worried over these "distractions" of its biggest star. To make matters worse, the Real Madrid haven't played at their best in recent times. Real Madrid left Barcelona escape in the top of the league and could be eliminated in the first round of the Copa del Rey, after they allowed ineligible player Denis Cheryshev to play on Dec.


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