The Swiss Tennis player, 34 years old, continues to amaze the world with his performances. Although he no longer dominates the men's professional tennis circuit, Federer continued to show the public over the world a delightful game of elegance and outstanding refinement. In the opinion of many experts, Federer is the best tennis player in history.

His goals for the next year revolve around the Grand Slam tournaments, but also the summer Olympic Gamesin Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. From his portfolio of impressive trophies is missing the Olympic gold medal in the simple contest.

However, Federer has won the gold medal in the doubles along with Stan Wawrinka at the Olympics in Beijing in 2008.

At the Olympics in London in 2012, Federer clinched the silver medal being beaten in the finals by the British tennis player Andy Murray.A few weeks before the final in London, Federer defeated Murray in the final at Wimbledon. That`s the last triumph of Swiss player in a Grand Slam tournament. Since then, Federer has played several Major final, but was defeated each time by Novak Djokovic, the current leader of the ATP ranking.

During his career, Federer has won 17 Grand Slam tournaments-an absolute record. Also he`s the player who held the leading position for the most time (302 weeks).

The Swiss player won a total of 88 tournaments during his career, and only cash awardsfrom tennis has brought him nearly$ 100 million.

Some say the year 2016 is the last chance for Federer to prove something. The Swiss player will turn 35 next summer, but this is sometimes omitted during his matches. That's because his extraordinary performances on tennis court.

Certainly tennis circuit will lose enormously when Federer will decide to retire.

Besides tennis, Roger Federer is a person who has been engaged in charitable actions. In 2003 he started a foundation called `Roger Federer Foundation` to provide help especially to poor children from South Africa (Federer's mother is born in South Africa)Since 2006 he is also UNICEFAmbassador.