Real Madrid may be forbiddenfrom signing players in the next two transfer windows. Barcelona is urging FIFA to sanction their biggest rival, on the Spanish championship. The Catalan side is hisself prevented until January 2016, of signing players, and the team is accusing the opponents Real and Atletico Madrid of infringing the same rules, and expects the same sanctions to rivals. If it happens, the Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo might have the door closed to his departure for Paris Saint-Germain.

The source of the problem has to do with FIFA rules which forbidto hire foreign players under 18 years old, unless their parents are able to justify the country changing with another reason, and not just for the soccer.

As Barcelona had broken this rule and, therefore, is prevented from signing players until next January, the team is asking the same ban for countrymen rivals. The penalty ends in January, when the market transfers reopen. Turkish Arda Turan is already training with the Barcelona squad, and he will be the first signing to join the Lionel Messi team.

Real Madrid wants to sign Moreno and Hazard

The truth is that Real Madrid is being investigated and may even be sanctioned. If this happens, the team of Rafa Benítez may not register the most desirable targets. It is known that the Spanish giant intends to acquire Eden Hazard, the Belgian player who shines in Chelsea team, and he is wanted by Real Madrid.

Also the Spanish man Alberto Moreno is desired by Benítez's team, in a moment when the team is being criticized for the high number of goals conceded.

Cristiano Ronaldo is far away from PSG

With the possibility of the windows transfer don't open to Real Madrid, it can drop one of the most anticipated transfers. Cristiano Ronaldo has long time interest to move to Paris, where he will join Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Paris Saint-Germain.

However. If Real Madrid cannot strengthen its forward side, the team should not allow the loss of his most notable player.

Real and Atletico Madrid are both under investigation by FIFA and may even incur in a ban of two windows transfers, as has happened with Barcelona. The Catalan side is unable of signing players for almost a year now.