Steven Gerrard had already made his first training with former teammates, at Merseyside, back in Liverpool. This Monday morning, Liverpool fans could see the return of their biggest legend. As Major Soccer League is stopped, the British midfielder back to England, so he can keep is forming up. Or is there a chance of him making a return to Liverpool, and to the competition, next January?

The former Liverpool captain has arrived this season in the United States of America, where he represents the Los Angeles Galaxyteam. Back, he left 'his' Liverpool, where he arrived in 1991 for training.

He played seventeen seasons with the first team and he only left at age 35 to live a new experience. He left millions of Liverpool fans heartbroken, all over the world. By now, the Premier League team is not the colossus of other times, but it stills as one of the clubs with more fans around the world. After all, history counts a lot in soccer and Liverpool still as one of the greatest ever.

With a million dollar contract, Gerrard headed for the MLS, where he is emerging as one of their biggest stars. The footballer left Liverpool a few months ago with the promise that one day he would make the return, to help his team. Is it for now?

In Liverpool, only to train?

Liverpool FC were quick to share on social networks that their former captain was back in the action on Merseyside pitch.

But manager Jurgen Klopp, who had been chatting with the English midfielder, already went public to reveal that Gerrard only joined the team to train and maintain his good form, while the MLS is stopped.

The German Klopp said previously that Gerrard has always the doors open on Anfield Road. "'He's a Liverpool legend, of course.

But his contract, as I know, is in the USA. But during his break time, he can do whatever is good for him", Klopp told the press.

Steven Gerrard did not get to train with Klopp before, since he arrived a few months after the player's departure. However, the eternal Liverpool captain has revealed he was delighted with the new coach and according to some rumors, the player would be really interested to terminate the contract with the LA Galaxy and return to Liverpool, as soon as possible. "He’s got that infectious personality and I’m excited to go and spend some time with him", he told in the Daily Mail.