The number of events canceled because of coronavirus [VIDEO] pandemic are numerous. One of them is Taylor’s Swift “Lover Fest” tour, which was canceled because of the worldwide effect of the deadly virus. However, fresh arrangements have been made to please her many fans.

As many sectors, including the entertainment sector, have been affected by the Coronavirus outbreak, all gigs have had to be canceled or postponed. Entertainers have also had to devise alternative means to reach their fans and promote their activities. With many embracing virtual events, the talented singer is following suit to give her fans a musical treat.

At least, her fans have something to look forward to this period.

Taylor Swift plans to hold a special concert tagged 'Taylor Swift City of Lover'

The Pop Singer has joined the bandwagon of entertainers who want to make the best of every situation. Her special online concert would bring her enormous fan base together. She is set to showcase the line-up of songs from her "Lover album," which she performed in front of an audience coming from 37 different countries. They had traveled to the City of Love to watch the singer perform their favorite songs.

According to ABC, the “Shake It Off” singer will hold a special concert tagged “Taylor Swift City of Lover” on May 17 at 10 PM on their platform. Previously, the event had been filmed at L’Olympia Theater in Paris.

Plans are underway to make this special concert also available on Hulu and Disney+. An excited Taylor Swift took to social media to make the announcements to her fans.

According to an official statement released by the singer, the online concert would have other side attractions.

Fans would have access to the behind-the-scenes moments with her. It appears this may be Swift’s only concert performance for the year 2020 following the cancellation of her Lover fest tour because of the coronavirus pandemic (unless we count “Soon You’ll Get Better” performance from the Global Citizen online event in April).

The Grammy Award winner donates $3,000 to fans

Taylor Swift has been very active on social media sharing regular updates about her upcoming projects. She never fails to give her fans clues on what to expect. On Thursday, the 30-year-old shared a laid-back photo of herself wearing olive trousers and a knit sweater with little makeup.

The ten-time Grammy award winner appeared to be in relaxing in quarantine. She had a glass of white wine in her hand, and her fans bombarded her post with comments and likes. Following the news that over 20 million Americans have been out of jobs since the outbreak, the singer recently donated $3,000 to her fans as palliative measures.