90 Day Fiancé” viewers have been buzzing after watching Rosemarie Vega and Big Ed’s conversation on the new “90 Day Bares All” series. The two reality stars had a bitter end to their relationship after they starred in the fourth season of “Before the 90 Days.” In the show’sTell-All episodes, Big Ed accused Rosemarie of cheating on him with another woman, while the Filipino reality star argued that her 55-year-old boyfriend had been disrespectful throughout their relationship.

Fortunately, Rosemarie and Big Ed finally buried the hatchet during their interaction on “90 Day Bares All.”

Big Ed apologized to Rosemarie for his immature behavior during their relationship

Big Ed had appeared on the show to promote his upcoming participation in the “Single Life” series. However, Shaun Robinson surprised him by revealing that Rosemarie would join the episode via video chat. Once Big Ed and Rosemarie interacted, they discussed their bitter break up and made some interesting revelations about their love lives. Fans have expressed their satisfaction after Big Ed apologized to Rosemarie for his immature behavior during their time together. The American reality star thanked the Filipino reality star for loving and admiring him, and he added that he was happy to have met Rosemarie even though their relationship did not work out.

Rosemarie insists that she has moved on from Big Ed

In an intriguing revelation, Big Ed told his ex-girlfriend that he had frozen his sperm before having his vasectomy. During the couple’s run on “Before the 90 Days,” Rosemarie decided to break up with Big Ed after he refused to cancel his vasectomy operation. After Big Ed disclosed that he had preserved his sperm, Rosemarie claimed that she was happy for him and the woman who had convinced him to make the decision.

The Filipino reality star went on to reveal that she had no regrets about her relationship with Big Ed.

Even though Rosemarie insisted that she had moved on from the 55-year-old, she told fans that she had no remorse about their time together. The Filipino reality star disclosed that she had also ended her relationship with the woman she had been seeing after breaking up with Big Ed.

It seems that Rosemarie is now willing to have a casual friendship with Big Ed. As the two reality stars concluded their interview, Big Ed implied that he was only saying his goodbye temporarily. Fans have now speculated that the American reality star will try to maintain a close friendship with his Filipino ex-girlfriend. It will be interesting to see whether Rosemarie will agree to future interactions with Big Ed. For now, fans are happy after watching the two reality stars move on from their bitter break up.