With “Supergirl” on the way out, the CW will be filling that supervoid with “Superman & Lois” which stars Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch as the titular duo. Superman was first introduced in the second season of "Supergirl" when Clark Kent came to lend a hand to his cousin Kara. The first time Clark and Lois were officially seen together is when they joined the Arrowverse crossover which was the huge event that gave way to the exit of "Arrow." The super event saw the triple threat of Superman actors joining up with Hoechlin in his role, Brandon Routh pulling double duty as Ray Palmer and his Kingdom Hearts version of Superman, and Tom Welling reprising his role from Smallville.

"Superman & Lois" will focus on Clark Kent and Lois Lane's life as they balance their normal lives as parents with their hectic lives of being heroes. The official synopsis released by the CW hints at how important the role of parents will be for the super couple who are wondering if their sons will turn out to be like their superpowered father. The Kent family finds themselves returning to Smallville where Clark and Lois will reunite with people from their past such as Lana Lang which will have their sons introduced to her daughter Sarah. The new series will also feature a mysterious stranger who will randomly enter their lives. The official trailer from the CW hinted at several moments expected during the first season with Clark and Lois trying to settle back into that cozy Smallville life.

The trailer also introduces the first look at characters such as Lois's father and Lana who tells Clark that he's always weighted the world on his shoulders.

'The Flash' pushed back for an extended premiere

The premiere of "Superman & Lois" will occur on February 23 with an extended pilot that will see “The Flash” pushed off for a week.

In the place of "The Flash" will be a thirty-minute special called “Superman & Lois: Legacy of Hope.” The special will include sneak peeks and interviews. “The Flash” season 7 premiere will resume the following week in the allotted time slot following “Superman & Lois.” The show also stars Emmanuelle Chriqui as Lana Lang, Erik Valdez as Kyle Cushing, Inde Navarrette as Lana's daughter Sarah Cushing, Adam Rayner as Morgan Edge, Wole Parks as The Stranger, and with their two sons played by Jordan Elsass and Alexander Garfinas.

'Superman & Lois' spoilers

EP/Showrunner Todd Helbing spoke about how a majority of Superman stories take place in Metropolis and even referenced the Tom Welling-led series “Smallville” when stating how he came from a small town in the midwest that saw a loss in business. It was this personal experience that gave way to the inspiration behind "Superman & Lois." The EP opened up about how he plans to create a story where Clark and Lois are parents who are looking to find someplace to raise their family. The place they choose is the quaint town of Smallville where they think it may be less hectic. The first season will consist of thirteen episodes. The CW has previously released episode titles that SpoilerTV has shared: "Pilot," "Heritage," "The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower," "Haywire," and "The Beacon."

Additional characters have been announced for the upcoming "Superman & Lois" with one of them being played by Stacey Farber.

The actor will recur in the role of Leslie Larr. The character has been described by the CW (information released by the Wrap) as being the right hand to the most influential person in the world and is described as being a hard-worn dream killer. Longtime fans are well-versed in the various locations in the "Superman" world with the most famous being the city of Metropolis where Clark and Lois work at the Daily Planet and the small town of Smallville with the Kent Farm. KryptonSite (known for all their Superman coverage) previously reported that the Kent Farm that was seen during "Arrowverse" crossovers and used in "Smallville" will not be used in the new show. It is unclear as to why there was a change in location for the farm.

Other news that has been reported is joyous for fans. David Ramsey (Diggle on "Arrow") has reached a new deal that will have the actor reprising his role on the other "Arrowverse" shows of "Supergirl," "Superman & Lois," "Batwoman," and "The Flash" with a mysterious role teased for "Legends of Tomorrow."

Nixing the 'Superman' crossover

According to Screen Rant a crossover won't be in the cards this year for the CW. As fans of the “Arrowverse” knows, the network once known for their angst-filled dramas have become known for their huge crossover productions over the last few years. The crossovers were highly anticipated for “Arrowverse” fans who anxiously waited for their favorite characters to cross over between “Supergirl,” “Arrow,” “The Flash,” “Legends of Tomorrow,” “Batwoman,” and “Black Lightning.” This year was expected to see a crossover between “Batwoman” and “Superman & Lois,” but according to Screen Rant, the crossover has been canceled due to COVID restrictions.

TVLine shared from “Batwoman” showrunner Caroline Dries that they wouldn't be able to do the crossover physically because they can't cross crews due to COVID concerns. It is also to be noted that this means that fans won't get to see Kara getting to the bottom of her friend Kate Kane (Batwoman)'s disappearance. It's to note that when a crossover is able to occur again, this will be an entirely different experience than it was when “Arrow” led the series. "Superman & Lois" will be the sole super cousin on the CW with "Supergirl" to end after its upcoming season. "Black Lightning" is also expected to end with its upcoming season.

One of the fun elements of "Superman & Lois" comes with a new suit as the one built for the crossovers and guest appearance was not made for leading a series.

TV Guide shared a statement from Elizabeth Tulloch who spoke about how when Lois was first introduced in the 1930s she was a woman that defied the societal expectations that people had about women. The actor went onto say how Lois never failed to be unapologetic and opinionated, going on about how she loved that Lois worked as a reporter because she believes in justice and truth. Tolluch previously told TV Guide that this is a take on the characters of Clark and Lois that hasn't been seen before with them in the role as parents, and not just heroes. The actor explained how reading the pilot script gave her chills and teased how great she thinks fans will find the show to be.