Zied Hakimi appears to be enjoying his stay in the United States. The 27-year-old is currently starring on the eighth season of “90 Day Fiancé” alongside his girlfriend, Rebecca Parrot. Many fans were skeptical about the couple’s future when they made their debut on the third season of “Before the 90 Days.” However, Rebecca and Zied overcame the early obstacles in their relationship, and they could tie the knot on the ongoing season. While viewers are eagerly looking forward to watching the couple’s wedding ceremony, they have been reacting to Zied’s shocking transformation.

Fans have been reacting to Zied’s stylish new look

The Tunisian reality star recently surprised fans after he shared some impressive pictures that highlighted his new look. Zied posed with two other men in the picture, and he told fans that he had made new friends during his stay in the United States. “90 Day Fiancé” viewers noted that Zied looks to have lost some weight, and he was almost unrecognizable due to his fresh stylish haircut and his well-trimmed beard. The 27-year-old reality star was also wearing a classy wristwatch as well as some jewelry, while his yellow sweatpants and his white sports shoes completed his amazing appearance.

Rebecca recently claimed that Zied was unhappy after he arrived in the United States

A majority of fans were impressed by Zied new look, and one fan pointed out that the Tunisian reality star looked handsome and fit in the picture. Some viewers were also happy to see that Zied has been making new friends during his stay in the United States.

Zied’s latest Instagram post has led fans to conclude that he is still committed to his relationship with Rebecca. While the 27-year-old appears to be content with his new life in America, Rebecca had revealed that Zied was homesick immediately after he arrived in the country.

In a past interview, Rebecca claimed that Zied had received his K-1 visa a few days before the United States went into lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Rebecca, the unexpected restrictions put a strain on Zied since he had only been in the country for a few days. Fortunately, Rebecca did not lose her job as a manager at a fast-food restaurant, and she was able to provide financial support to her boyfriend as he got used to his new life. Rebecca has admitted that she could have broken up with Zied if she had lost her job. Nevertheless, the American reality star is grateful to be living with her handsome boyfriend. Fans are now looking forward to the upcoming “90 Day Fiancé” episodes to find out how the couple got along during the early months of the United States lockdown last year.