Despite their frequent declaration of their love for each other, some cracks are beginning to show in Sumit and Jenny’s relationship. The couple has provided fans with some entertaining moments during their appearances on both seasons of “The Other Way.” Although Sumit’s parents have expressed their objections to his romantic fling with Jenny, the Indian reality star has defended his American girlfriend. However, Sumit recently admitted that he was shocked when met Jenny for the first time since she looked older than he expected.

Sumit's admission about Jenny

The Indian reality star made the revelation during his recent stint on “90 Day Bares All.” Fans had been looking forward to Jenny and Sumit’s appearance on the show, and the two reality stars did not disappoint. “90 Day Bares All” host, Shaun Robinson had also invited Sumit’s parents as she tried to mediate their relationship with Jenny. However, Sumit’s father, Anil, revealed that his son was disappointed with Jenny’s looks when he saw her in person. He claimed that Sumit had lied about the incident because he did not want to hurt Jenny’s feelings.

Jenny could reconsider her relationship with Sumit

According to ET, when Jenny confronted Sumit over his father’s allegations, the 32-year-old admitted that his father was telling the truth.

While trying to defend himself, Sumit claimed that the quality of the pictures that Jenny had sent him in 2011 had not been a true representation of her appearance. The Indian reality star shocked fans when he admitted that his American girlfriend looked older in person than in her pictures. After hearing Sumit’s confession, Jenny stormed off the set, and fans now feel that she could reconsider her relationship with Sumit.

Once Jenny returned to the 90 Day Bares All set, she blasted Sumit for his inconsiderate comments about her age. The 61-year-old reality star pointed out that Sumit had catfished her during the early stages of their relationship. Jenny argued that Sumit had sent pictures of another man to get her attention, and it was hypocritical of him to comment about her appearance.

She blasted her Indian boyfriend for being dishonest about his true feelings even though he had always claimed that he loved her. Jenny declared that she felt insulted by Sumit’s confession which appeared to imply that she was an “old lady.” “90 Day Fiancé” viewers have now speculated that the two reality stars could be on the verge of a breakup. It will be interesting to see whether Jenny will forgive Sumit for making inappropriate remarks about her age. Fans will have to follow the two reality stars on Instagram to get updates about their potential break up.