90 Day Fiancé” viewers are still reeling from the controversial break up between Yazan and Brittany. During the “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way” finale, Yazan agreed to travel to the United States and start a new life with Brittany. However, the couple revealed that they gone their separate ways during their appearance on the new “90 Day Bares All” series. Brittany claimed that she had called off her relationship with Yazan after she discovered that he was cheating on her. Fans could now learn some additional details about the couple’s failed relationship in the upcoming “90 Day Bares All” episode.

Yazan allegedly admitted that he liked Brittany because of her curvaceous figure

TLC recently released a short video clip to promote Sunday’s episode, and fans have learned some fresh details about Yazan’s motivation to date Brittany. According to Adam, the couple’s translator on “90 Day Fiancé,” Yazan confessed that he liked Brittany because of her body. Adam claims that he had a private conversation with the Jordanian reality star in which he admitted that he loved his American girlfriend because of her curvaceous figure: "And believe it or not, the answer I get from Yazan was that, 'I just love Brittany's body,'" he says. "More specifically, her feminine parts. And he said that and laughed," he described.

"You can call this a lot of things -- you can call this lust, you can call this affection, you can call this physical attraction -- but love is not just that," Adam continues. "It's way deeper than that. Again, this is how I understand love, and I know that people can experience it very differently."

As the “Bares All” trailer concludes, Adam suggests that the 25-year-old reality star was willing to cut ties with his family because of his physical attraction to Brittany.

Brittany and Yazan had a bitter war of wordson '90 Day Bares All'

Viewers have been reacting to Yazan and Brittany’s messy breakup. The couple had a spiteful war of words when they appeared on “90 Day Bares All.” While announcing the news about his separation from Brittany, Yazan claimed that he had ignored many red flags in their relationship.

The Jordanian reality star pointed out that his American ex-girlfriend had previously dated an 85-year-old man. He also argued that he had pursued Brittany even though his family thought she was a porn star because of her raunchy social media pictures.

On her part, Brittany defended her reputation by claiming that she had been honest with Yazan throughout their relationship. The 27-year-old reality star provided screenshot messages to prove that Yazan was aware of her lifestyle before he invited her to his home country. Additionally, Brittany accused him of cheating with other women once she returned to the United States. The American reality star implied that Yazan had been chatting with other women even though he had promised that he would marry her.

Viewers are now looking forward to Sunday’s episode to learn some fresh details from Yazan and Brittany’s translator. After watching the estranged couple have an explosive confrontation, fans are skeptical about their chances of having a reconciliation.