Ed “Big Ed” Brown is set to feature in many future conversations among “90 Day Fiancé” fans once the new “90 Day: The Single Life” series debuts on discovery+. Big Ed has had a frosty relationship with fans due to his failed relationship with Rosemarie Vega. The couple starred in the fourth season of “Before the 90 Days,” but they broke up due to some irreconcilable differences. Many fans felt uncomfortable with the 30-year age difference between Big Ed and Rosemarie. They also criticized Big Ed for his often-immature behavior towards his Filipino girlfriend.

Unfortunately, it seems that the 55-year-old reality star has not learned from his unsuccessful relationship.

Big Ed attempted to kiss his alleged girlfriend without her consent

90 Day Fiancé” viewers have been reacting to the recently released trailer for the “90 Day: The Single Life” series in which Big Ed has an awkward moment with a younger woman. During the uncomfortable scene, Big Ed and his unidentified companion say their goodbyes after having dinner together. However, as the younger woman leans in for a hug, Big Ed unexpectedly attempts to kiss her. The woman rejects the 55-year-old’s advances by turning her head and rebuking him for trying to kiss her.

Fans have criticized Big Ed for failing to learn from his failed relationship with Rosemarie

The American reality star defends himself by claiming that he had spontaneously leaned in for the kiss. Big Ed’s partner insists that she is not yet ready to be intimate with him, and she gives him a second hug before leaving his apartment.

Viewers have expressed their astonishment at the weird moment between Big Ed and his mysterious girlfriend. Many fans feel that the 55-year-old still has a disrespectful attitude towards women. According to the disgusted viewers, Big Ed has not learned from the mistakes he made when he dated Rosemarie.

During last year’s “90 Day Fiancé” season, fans repeatedly called out Big Ed for embarrassing Rosemarie on the show.

In one memorable episode, the American reality star asked his Filipino girlfriend to shave her legs because he preferred women with smooth legs. Additionally, Big Ed angered fans when he gifted Rosemarie with some mouthwash and some toothpaste because he thought that she had bad breath. After watching the “90 Day: The Single Life” trailer video clip, fans are skeptical about Big Ed’s chances of finding another partner. viewers feel that the American reality star will have to respect his alleged girlfriend to ensure that their relationship works out. The new “90 Day: The Single Life” series will start streaming on discovery+ next month.