90 Day Fiancé” viewers have expressed their dismay after learning about Molly Hopkins’ family troubles. The American reality star had a fractured relationship with her daughter, Olivia, during her run on the fifth season of “90 Day Fiancé.” Olivia objected to her mother’s marriage to her Dominican Republic boyfriend at the time, Luis Mendes because she felt that they had rushed into their relationship. Even though Molly eventually divorced Luis in 2018, it seems that she still has a fractured relationship with her daughter.

Molly allegedly suffered injuries on her head and legs after Olivia allegedly assaulted her

According to a report by Us Weekly magazine, police officers in Georgia arrested Olivia after she assaulted her mother. Some leaked court documents have revealed that Molly had multiple head and leg injuries after her daughter struck her. After her arrest, Olivia was charged with a misdemeanor and simple battery offenses. The 21-year-old was later released on a $1,500 bond agreement, but she was ordered to move out of Molly’s house and cease all communications with her. Additionally, the presiding judge directed Olivia to stay away from any bar or establishment that serves alcoholic drinks.

Olivia was not happy with Molly’s romantic fling with Luis on '90 Day Fiancé'

However, the courts revised the initial orders after Olivia’s attorney requested an adjustment to her bond agreement. The 21-year-old move back into Molly’s home, but she still had to obey the orders issued from the original agreement. “90 Day Fiancé” viewers have expressed their shock at the alleged assault incident between Molly and her daughter.

While some fans have expressed their support for the 45-year-old reality star, some new details about the incident could emerge during the court hearing scheduled for 21st January. However, some “90 Day Fiancé” viewers feel that Molly’s previous marriage to her ex-husband broke her connection to her daughter.

Even though Olivia had her reservations about Molly’s romantic fling with Luis, the American reality star accepted her boyfriend’s proposal after two months.

The couple tied the knot in July 2017, but their relationship lasted for six months before Molly filed for divorce in January 2018. After the couple finalized their divorce in May, Luis married another woman in September, which led fans to conclude that he had been cheating on Molly. The 45-year-old claimed that she was happy for her ex-partner, but she felt that he had used her to immigrate to the United States. Unfortunately, Molly’s short-lived marriage to Luis appears to have had an adverse effect on her bond with Olivia. It will be interesting to see whether the mother and daughter pair can reconcile and move past their alleged altercation. Viewers can follow Molly on social media to get updates about her daughter’s upcoming court hearing.