The Marvel Cinematic Universe's next installment to be headlined by Spider-Man is set for a 2021 release. Tom Holland has been the MCU's web-slinger in several Movies thus far. The upcoming movie would be the third that he plays the top-billed character.

But, as it seems to be turning out, Holland's Spider-Man might not be the only headliner. He might not even be the only Spider-Man. A slew of familiar faces from Spider projects of the past has been signing on for another turn.

Andrew Garfield, Kirsten Dunst and Alfred Molina apparently confirmed; Maguire and Stone also expected

At least three more fan-favorites are returning to the Spider-Man fold. It comes after J.K. Simmons already came back in a mid-credits scene in "Spider-Man: Far From Home". And then news that Jamie Foxx would be doing the same in the movie slated for 2021.

Andrew Garfield has starred as Spidey and his alter ego, Peter Parker, in two movies, "The Amazing Spider-Man" and "The Amazing Spider-Man 2". Both of which did well on commercial and critical levels. Garfield was supposed to star in at least one more movie, thus becoming a trilogy. However, after a deal was struck to bring the character to the MCU, the third movie was canceled.

Instead, it was decided to do another reboot.

There had already been a popular trilogy of Spider-Man movies, released from 2002 to 2007. There was actually supposed to be a fourth installment, but things didn't work out. Kirsten Dunst appeared in all of them as Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker's primary love interest. In the second installment, "Spider-Man 2", the main villain was played by Alfred Molina.

All three are to make appearances in the next MCU take on the character. It's not clear how large or small their parts might be. And there might be more still to come. According to IGN, Tobey Maguire is close to coming back, negotiations pending. Maguire played the title role in the 2002-2007 series of films. And reports have also indicated that Emma Stone is likely to make a return as well.

Stone played Gwen Stacy, Peter's other main love interest, opposite Garfield.

All of the potential returning cast members have done well for themselves since finishing their roles in the franchise. Recognition from many of the world's biggest acting awards bodies, wins and nominations alike. Academy Awards, Golden Globes, BAFTAs, Emmys, SAG Awards, this list goes on. But for many if not most of them, they're likely best-known for the Spidey roles

Expected to be a multi-universe plotline

A shared multi-verse is likely to come into play in the upcoming movie. It's been touched on before in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And it was a central plot in the 2018 animated movie "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse".

It's not clear if that adaptation of the character(s) would be somehow connected to this new project. But, for obvious reason, it could get considerably more complicated to bring that one in.

There's also that various characters being adapted for the Sony Picture Universe of Marvel Characters. Or SPUMC. All of which have so far centered on characters associated with Spider-Man. These portrayals may also come into play.