The Marvel Cinematic Universe is quite certainly the headliner of current Marvel adaptations. But it's not the only show in town. Perhaps the next biggest slate of adaptations is the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters.

The movie series stems from Sony's rights to Spider-Man and other closely associated characters. "Venom" kicked off the SPUMC in 2018. Others are scheduled to follow. And another superhero has been added to the list of characters with Movies in the works.

A Jackpot-centered movie in development

Sony is working on an adaptation centering on Jackpot.

The news could be unexpected for many comic book fans. As indicated by Screen Rant, the character is far from the most high-profile in Marvel's arsenal. But nonetheless, she seems to be getting to full big-screen treatment.

Collider reports that Marc Guggenheim has been hired to write the script. Guggenheim, who has a background in writing comic books, has authored several issues featuring Jackpot in the past.

The Jackpot movie does not yet have an announced release date. Up next for the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters are two releases set for 2021. "Morbius" and "Venom: Let There Be Carnage". A third 2021 release, title unknown, was removed from the schedule after the outbreak of COVID-19.

Release dates are pending for a number of other movies based on characters from Spider-Man's circle of characters. They include Nightwatch, Kraven the Hunter, The Sinister Six, and Madame Web.

Other projects focusing on Spider-Man himself are also being developed. Including another live-action feature film starring Tom Holland.

And on the animated side of things, a sequel to 2018's "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse".

The jackpot was debuted in 2007

Jackpot made her initial appearance in the comic book "Spider-Man: Swing Shift."

Her primary alter ego has been Sara Ehret. Sara was a pregnant scientist working on a cure for Parkinson's disease. Accidental exposure to a mysterious virus leaves her in a coma for several months.

After waking up, she and her baby at first seem remarkably normal. But eventually, Sara develops superhuman strength.

For a time, Sara leaves her superhero days behind her. The mantle of Jackpot is taken up by Alana Jobson. She got superpowers after taking 'Mutant Growth Hormone', among other things.

Alana eventually dies, resulting from a combination of the drugs that gave her her powers and the introduction of a separate serum. Sara returns as Jackpot. She also goes on to change her name to Alana Jobson. Apparently, out of fear for the safety of herself and her daughter after her husband is murdered.