Jesse Meester could be in a new relationship. The 28-year-old has kept his love life private ever since he left the “90 Day Fiancé” franchise. Jesse appeared alongside Darcey Silva on the first two seasons of “90 Day Fiancé,” and the couple was a fan favorite due to their often tumultuous relationship. However, after they broke up, Jesse concentrated on his entrepreneurship ventures, while Darcey appeared on two more seasons of “90 Day Fiancé” with Tom Brooks. Fans were therefore excited after Jesse appeared to disclose the identity of his girlfriend in his latest Instagram post.

Fans are excited after Jesse shared a video that featured his alleged girlfriend

The Dutch reality star posted an elegant video in which he checked into a hotel with his alleged girlfriend. Jesse has been vacationing in Spain, and he surprised fans by writing that he was living like a king with his new queen. Some hawk-eyed viewers noticed that Jesse tagged his alleged girlfriend in his Instagram post. The mysterious woman goes by the name Marya Abates on her social media profile. Even though she did not have any pictures of herself and Jesse on the account, fans noted that the Dutch reality star follows her on Instagram.

Jesse could appear on a future season of '90 Day Fiancé'

Despite the speculation about his new relationship, Jesse has not commented on his purported girlfriend.

Instead, the former star has continued to promote his various business ventures. Apart from his job as a social media influencer, Jesse is also an author, and he recently appeared on the TLC network to promote his latest book. Jesse’s presence on the popular reality network raised eyebrows among many fans. Some viewers have speculated that the 28-year-old could appear in a future season of “90 Day Fiancé.”

Last year, Jesse appeared on the season-ending Tell All episode for the third season of “Before the 90 Days.” The Dutch reality star claimed that Darcey was still reaching out to him even though they had ended their relationship.

However, the American reality star defended herself from Jesse’s accusations by claiming that he only wanted to embarrass her. Darcey appears to have backed her assertions about moving on from Jesse since she is currently engaged. After her relationship with Tom Brooks failed to work out, Darcey began dating Georgi Rusev, and the couple shared their love story with fans in the TLC spinoff show, “Darcey &Stacey.” In the season finale, Darcey revealed that her Bulgarian boyfriend had proposed to her. While fans are looking forward to seeing the popular star tie the knot with her fiancé, they are also hopeful that Jesse will also settle down with his alleged girlfriend.