The first movie in the 'Mission Impossible' series with Tom Cruise in the lead role came in 1996 and was an instant hit. It was an action-packed spy thriller, and viewers loved the storyline and the slick production. Movies in this category have a huge fan following. They keep the viewers on the edge of their seats, and six movies are released at regular intervals. These were in 2000, 2006, 2011 "Ghost Protocol," 2015 "Rogue Nation," and 2018 "Fallout."

Work is proceeding on the seventh one set for release in 2021. However, the COVID-19 pandemic is a major obstacle because shooting is on in Venice.

There are also reports of an outbreak of the virus. The production team decided to temporarily suspend activities and informed the extras about shooting a wide berth. Such an action was necessary to ensure safety for all concerned.

Daily Mail UK says the authorities have not disclosed details, but there are fears that some members of the production unit tested positive for the Coronavirus. Therefore, safety measures had to be implemented with the temporary suspension of work. This would affect around 150 extras. They were told that the possibilities of return would depend on the improvement of the situation. Earlier also there was a disruption of work due to the virus.

Action sequences revolve around Tom Cruise

All his movies in the Mission Impossible series have plenty of action, and Tom Cruise loves to do them himself despite the dangers involved. He does not rely on doubles, and the stunts add a new dimension to his movies.

Daily Mail UK mentions that Tom Cruise and director Christopher McQuarrie have requested the public members to maintain social distancing when they come to the venue of shooting to watch the stars in action.

They are curious to get first-hand knowledge of how the production team captures the sequences on celluloid. However, they must avoid crowding - hence, the caution. In May 2017, Tom Cruise confirmed the filming of "Top Gun 2."

COVID-19 is a challenge for Tom Cruise

The shooting of "Mission Impossible 7" halted work in Italy after a steep rise in coronavirus cases.

The team shifted base to Norway and returned to Italy once it was safe. In Norway, Tom Cruise hired a ship to counter possibilities of delays associated with the virus. Incidentally, it is claimed that there was a waiver of quarantine rules of Norway for the team.

Daily Mail UK adds the release date of November 2021, and the team wants to avoid any further delay. Mission Impossible movies are in a class by itself. It is all about the daredevilry of Cruise and his band of men and women who have the caliber to pull off any mission. To them, nothing is impossible, and it justifies the title of the movies. In July 2018, Tom Cruise was impressed with thrilling stunts in "Mission Impossible: Fallout."

Tom Cruise performs some crazy stunts

According to WION, Tom Cruise is busy with "Mission: Impossible 7" and was seen performing some crazy stunts.

One was of Tom in the canals of Venice. He jumps from one water taxi to another. Since it is in the coronavirus era, Cruise and his team wore masks as they rehearsed the shots.

IMDB does not reveal the storyline, but Christopher McQuarrie would direct it. He returns to the franchise after "Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation." It seems the main characters like Luther, Benji, and Ilsa Faust will remain unchanged with a few new faces.

Its release is set for 2021, but with fears of infection from coronavirus and associated protocols, there will be a certain amount of uncertainty. Already release of many movies is suspended because cinema halls are closed, and those who come will have to maintain social distancing.