When Calls the Heart” is one of very few series undertaking the filming of an entirely new season under current conditions. The cast and crew of the Hallmark Channel’s centerpiece drama are displaying the positive aura of grit and determination that is part of the fiber of the folks in the fictional Hope Valley. The leading lady, Erin Krakow, is out to prove that following proper mask protocol doesn't prevent a lovely lady from having fun, even at a gallop.

As reported by Cinema Blend on August 6, the “When Calls the Heart” star posed perfectly from the saddle of her trusty steed, keeping her facial covering perfectly in place, too.

As actors, characters, and real-life people, everyone in the drama is doing his or her best to keep everyone safe and well, while new episodes get underway.

Nothing sinister about being in the black for this ‘When Calls the Heart’ beauty

Erin Krakow is looking resolutely into the sun from the center of town in her social media post. There is not a full view of her horse, but if Elizabeth Thornton is on her mount, he is surely ready to go.

“Taking the reins” reads Krakow’s caption. There are no real hints about a storyline, but the Hope Valley schoolteacher is quite comfortable in her long tan 1910s period skirt and buttoned white blouse in the “When Calls the Heart” scene shot.

Even with her black cloth mask hiding her mouth, the Juilliard-trained star can say more with a glance than many lesser talents express through gazillions of scripted pages.

She exemplified the power of her gaze in the arms of Chris McNally as Lucas Bouchard in the Season 6 finale, following Kevin McGarry out the door at the Founder’s Day dance during “Ladies Choice.” The look said it all for Lucas, too, as he looked on the embrace between Elizabeth and Nathan in Season 7’s closer.

The eyes were doing all the smiling in a sweet portrait of Erin Krakow and her “When Calls the Heart” co-star, Kavan Smith, in another recent share.

Black is a beautiful color between friends.

It's easy to be at home on a horse on ‘When Calls the Heart’

Hearties will recall that some of the most meaningful memories for Elizabeth happened on horseback. She and her late husband, Jack (Daniel Lissing) had a romantic ride to the property where Jack planned to build their home and raise their children together.

Elizabeth also takes rides on Sargent, Jack's horse, to keep him primed for the time when he will belong to Little Jack (Lincoln and Gunnar Taylor).

Erin Krakow has readily shown her equestrian aptitude on “When Calls the Heart” and Kevin McGarry got a good grounding in proper riding on “Heartland.” McGarry has given Chris McNally some good-natured ribbing on more than one “Home & Family” morning visit about his horsemanship. Still, he managed to make his way home in the “Call from the Past” episode, and Lucas did help Constable Grant warn the community about a chickenpox outbreak on horseback. Of course, Jack Wagner has superlative pony skills as retired Mountie and current judge, Bill Avery.

In the stables, Nathan managed to tell Elizabeth: “You matter to me.”

Cars have come to Hope Valley, but it doesn't hurt to have a steady ride on four hooves, either. “When Calls the Heart” is rare among TV Shows, as it straddles the world of the modern age with the rustic, and now, pandemic times.

Love on ‘When Calls the Heart’ may show from the pages more than in person

Erin Krakow expressed her deep concerns for safety and showing compassion for others as society the world-over comes to terms with living life under a new kind of normalcy. She described how each “When Calls the Heart” cast member would work from pods and have as little cross-contact with co-stars as possible when not working on a scene.

Fans will be seeing a lot more picnics and outdoor parties in the Northwest Territory town. As many scenes as possible will be done outside, so expect to see some favorite stars donning coats a little longer than usual in Season 8.

In a playful August 6 post, Krakow was posed and pretty in pink for “School picture day,” as she described. Parents of children would probably much prefer the start of school in Hope Valley to the worry and concern over the opening of countless US schools very soon.

Executive producer, Brian Bird, whipped Hearties into a frenzy with his revelation of the first episode title, “Honestly, Elizabeth” earlier in the week.

Bird is a master teaser, but the words do have the feel of a heartfelt passage from a letter. Elizabeth always pours her heart onto her journal pages, and she may very well reveal who has taken her heart in that secret place.

Lucas already loves the world of reading and Elizabeth, so he would love to read any pages from her heart, whether personal correspondence or another writing project. She may decide that Nathan has an easier time writing his feelings than he does speaking them. The power of the pen may be overcome by the power of love once “When Calls the Heart” begins its Season 8 journey.

Erin Krakow and her “When Calls the Heart ” castmates are troopers-- set for safety, surprises, sweetness, and all that life can bring in the coming season in 2021. Hearties may need stronger seatbelts and of course, extra tissues.