Paul Staehle’s efforts to reconcile with his wife appeared to have paid off. Paul has been living in Brazil since August when he got into a nasty fight with Karine Martins. The American reality star moved to the South American country after his wife filed a restraining order against him. Karine went on to file a lawsuit against her husband claiming that he had raped her and kept her hostage in their home. Despite the grim nature of the allegations leveled against him, Paul remained hopeful that his wife would drop the charges, and it now looks like the two reality stars could be on the verge of a reconciliation.

Karine withdraws her restraining order against Paul

According to some recently leaked court documents, Paul and Karine have withdrawn the restraining orders they had filed against each other after their fight. The reality stars may have dropped their ongoing court case since they will not have to attend their scheduled court hearing in December. “90 Day Fiancé” viewers have now speculated that Paul and Karine are willing to settle their differences. Paul has consistently told fans that Karine would reconsider her hardline position, and he could now be in a position to witness the birth of his second child.

Paul faults Karine’s friend for improperly translating her police statement

In a past Instagram post, Paul claimed that Karine was pregnant.

The American reality star stated that he regretted getting into a fight with his wife because he wanted to be part of his unborn child’s life. Paul recently ramped up his efforts to win back his wife, and while Karine has kept a low profile on social media, fans expect the two reality stars to make up. After Karine dropped her court case, Paul took to Instagram to fault one of her friends for their recent marital problems.

Paul posted a lengthy message insinuating that one of Karine’s friends had altered her police statement. The American reality star told fans that anyone who acts as a translator should stick to interpreting what the words mean instead of coming up with their own narrative. Paul intimated that Karine’s translator had fabricated her police statement, and he could have ended up in jail for felonies he had never committed.

While fans are hopeful that Karine and Paul will get back together, their lengthy dispute prompted TLC to ban them from the ongoing episodes of “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After.” The show’s viewers will have to follow the two reality stars on social media to find out more about their decision to withdraw the restraining orders they had filed against each other. Let us know what you think about Karine. Stay tuned for more news and updates on reality shows.