Rio Carnival highlights the cultural aspect of Rio de Janeiro. It also provides a source of livelihood for many residents. However, Coronavirus has ruined them, and the authorities have postponed the event of 2021. This disease is highly contagious, originated in China, and led to the death of hundreds of thousands across the world.

Doctors advise to avoid direct contact with others and maintain personal hygiene. There is no known cure, and scientists are trying to find one. As things stand, people have to stay away from crowded places. This disruption of Rio Carnival is the first time in more than a century because of this virus.

Luiz Antonio Simas, a historian who specializes in Rio’s Carnival on the subject said ton CNBC: "Carnival is a party upon which many humble workers depend." He adds that the samba schools are community institutions, and the parades reflect that culture, but the virus has broken the chain. Its recovery would not be an easy task. These schools have links to working-class communities that create accessories like floats and costumes for the participants. Tens of thousands of spectators come to the arena from far-off places to enjoy the festivities while others watch it on television.

Los Angeles Times says the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro has not yet announced its Carnival street parties' decision.

The tourism promotion agency is worried about the uncertain future. It adds that holding large public events may not happen soon. It has to wait for a vaccine to come in the market.

The first confirmed case in Brazil was on the day after the conclusion of the 2020 Carnival celebrations. Since then, the numbers kept increasing, and it compelled the samba schools to put on hold preparations for next year.

They participate in the annual parade, and the postponement would deal a massive blow to the economy in terms of revenue loss for the Travel and tourism sector.

Rio metropolitan region records thousands of deaths from coronavirus

In the initial days, the Carnival was restricted to dance halls and on the streets. Later it went public when it entered the Sambadrome and, over the years, transformed into a major attraction.

The governor of Rio de Janeiro state-imposed restrictions on gatherings in March to check the disease's spread. Despite such precautions, the death toll mounted.

Los Angeles Times adds that samba schools suspended activities associated with the festivities. These included creating a wide variety of items that are an integral part of the celebrations.

Coronavirus has led to a new lifestyle where people of all ages have to wear face masks to minimize infections. There is also a new concept of social distancing to avoid physical contact. Such restrictions dampen the charms of any festival.

Coronavirus has robbed people of their livelihood

Many residents of Rio de Janeiro depend on the annual Carnival to earn a living.

Some of the performers are now on the lookout for any odd job like driving a cab for a cab company or sewing facemasks that have a demand in coronavirus age. Los Angeles Times made mention of an earlier occasion when the Rio Carnival was not held. It was in 1912 after the death of a minister of Brazil.

During World War II, the event did not stop. However, coronavirus is now playing havoc. It has affected the Carnival and New Year's Eve program, which attracts millions to Copacabana beach for the fireworks. This year, there would only be a display of light and music shows at the major tourist spots.

Rio Carnival delayed due to coronavirus

According to The Guardian, Rio de Janeiro decided to delay its annual Carnival parade 2021 for the first time in a century.

This is because of the continued vulnerability of Brazil in the pandemic.

The carnival parade usually takes place in February, and the delay is a rare occurrence. Incidentally, the virus has affected other similar events across the world. In March, Japan canceled its cherry blossom festival due to coronavirus.

Later, in June, there was the Appleby Horse Fair's cancellation, again because of coronavirus. Next month, Broadway announced closure until next year because of coronavirus. The disease has taken a heavy toll on activities related to travel and tourism.