Stephanie Matto is finding new ways to remain relevant after her time on “90 Day Fiancé” ended. The American reality star was among the most popular stars in the fourth season of “Before the 90 Days.” Stephanie starred alongside her girlfriend at the time, Erika Owens, and they were the first same-sex couple to make an appearance on the popular reality show. Unfortunately, Erika and Stephanie went their separate ways when the show ended. While Erika has announced that she has a new boyfriend, Stephanie has claimed that she is still single, and she recently started an Only Fans account to engage her fans.

Stephanie posts a sexy picture to promote her Only Fans account

In a recent Instagram post, Stephanie posted a sexy picture of herself to promote her new social media account. The 28-year-old was wearing an erotic piece of pink lingerie, which exposed her cleavage. Stephanie also debuted a new blonde hairstyle and asked fans to sign up for her Only Fans account so that they could watch more sexy content. “90 Day Fiancé” viewers now suspect that Stephanie may be posting erotic adult videos on her Only Fans account. The American reality star has also been starring on the “90 Day Fiancé Strikes Back” spinoff series, and she recently made up with her ex-girlfriend.

Erika and Stephanie made up after their messy break-up

While holding an Instagram Q&A session with her fans, Stephanie claimed that TLC had edited out many scenes in which she apologized to Erika for her clingy attitude during their time together. Stephanie told her fans that she sat down with Erika and talked about her mental health.

The popular television personality said that she had attended some therapy sessions to help her deal with her mental struggles. Additionally, Stephanie revealed that she took responsibility for her toxic behavior when she dated Erika.

During their time on the show, Stephanie clashed with Erika because of her close relationship with her ex-partners.

The two reality stars also argued over Stephanie’s decision to conceal their relationship from her parents. However, Stephanie has admitted that she regrets the decision, and it appears that she is now on good terms with Erika. The Australian reality star has been dating a man over the past few months, but she has insisted that she is still a huge supporter of the LBGQT movement. On her part, Stephanie has told her Instagram followers that she is still single. Nonetheless, some fans have speculated that she could be dating her former castmate on “90 Day Fiancé,” Rosemarie Vega. The two reality stars have exchanged some flirtatious messages on Instagram, but they are yet to confirm the dating rumors.

For now, Stephanie appears to be concentrating on promoting her Only Fans account. Meanwhile, according to In Touch Weekly, Stephanie's ex-girlfriend Erika has shaved off her hair for cancer awareness.