Paul Staehle and Karine Martins may be the first couple to break up in the ongoing season of “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After.” The two reality stars had an explosive fight in July, and they are currently involved in a bitter court case over the custody of their 17-month-old son, Pierre. Paul has continued posting updates about his dispute with Karine on his Instagram account. In his latest post, the American reality star sent a cryptic message to his Brazilian wife.

Paul sends a puzzling message to Karine

Fans are puzzled after Paul claimed that he was used to situations escalating quickly in his household.

The controversial reality star appeared to hint that he had fought with “90 Day Fiancé" star Karine on several occasions in the past. Fans suspect that the American reality star was sending a coded message to his wife. Over the past few weeks, Paul has struck a more reconciliatory tone in his ongoing feud with Karine. In a previous Instagram post, Paul told fans that he was willing to forgive his wife, and he wouldn’t hold any ill feelings towards her if she decided to pull out of their court case. However, fans feel that Paul wants to get back together with Karine because she is carrying his second child.

Karine could be pregnant

The American reality star has insisted that he wants to be part of his unborn child’s life.

Earlier this year, Paul posted a picture of Karine’s belly on his social media accounts and declared that the couple was expecting their second child. However, after his fight with Karine, Paul has claimed that he may never be part of his children’s life again. Karine filed a restraining order against him in August, and Paul will have to stay away from her until December when the court reconvenes to give a verdict on their divorce case.

Fans have speculated that Paul may be guilty of the rape allegations that Karine filed against her, which is the reason why he fled to Brazil last month.

Paul had previously served some jail time in 2014 for arson allegations, and his criminal past may work to his disadvantage in his case with Karine. The controversial television personality has denied the rumors that he fled to Brazil to escape the legal consequences of his actions.

Instead, Paul has insisted that he has been renovating his home in Brazil as a way of keeping his mind off his marital problems. Ever since the couple went their separate ways, Karine has rarely responded to her husband’s numerous Instagram posts. Nevertheless, “90 Day Fiancé” viewers hope that she will break her silence and address Paul’s latest cryptic message.