Jenny Slatten and her Indian boyfriend, Sumit may finally get their happy ending on “The Other Way.” The two reality stars had a disastrous run during their first appearance on the show after Jenny found out that her Sumit had a wife from an arranged marriage. While fans thought that Jenny would end her relationship with Sumit, they were surprised after the Indian reality star claimed that he would divorce his wife. During the current season, Sumit has made good on his promise to divorce his first wife, and it appears that he has already proposed to Jenny.

Jenny wears an engagement ring in her latest Instagram picture

In her latest Instagram post, Jenny shared a beautiful picture of herself hanging out with Sumit. The American reality star captioned the photograph by claiming that her relationship with Sumit was all she ever needed. After Jenny posted the picture, some hawkeyed “90 Day Fiancé” viewers noticed that she was wearing an engagement ring on her left hand. Fans are now speculating that Sumit might propose to Jenny when the remaining episodes of “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way” return on October 11th.

Sumit may move to the United States to avoid fighting with his family

Before the show went on a 6-week break, fans finally got a chance to hear from Sumit’s parents.

“90 Day Fiancé” viewers were skeptical about Jenny’s future with her Indian boyfriend after Sumit’s parents claimed that they would not support their son’s relationship. Sumit’s father, Anil, revealed that Jenny had lied about her romantic relationship with Sumit during her first visit to India in 2013. The American reality star stayed at her boyfriend’s home for close to four months, but she pretended to be a tourist during her visit.

However, Anil eventually found out that his son had an intimate relationship with Jenny, and he declared that he would not support their relationship. Sumit’s father told producers that he wants to have grandchildren in the future, but Jenny is too old to have children with his son.

90 Day Fiancé” viewers have now speculated that Sumit could move to the United States because his family objected to his relationship with Jenny.

The Indian reality star has insisted that he is determined to spend the rest of his life with his American girlfriend. Fans are now looking forward to the remaining episodes of “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way” to find out how Sumit will handle the looming conflict between Jenny and his family. However, from Jenny’s latest Instagram post, it appears that Sumit could find a way to convince his family to accept his relationship with Jenny. The couple is yet to confirm their engagement rumors, and fans are eagerly awaiting the return of “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way” next month. Meanwhile, in the "Happily Ever After" fans will witness a major fight in Andrei's wedding.