Deavan Clegg has quickly moved on from her troubled marriage to Jihoon Lee. The two reality stars have been starring in the second season of “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way,” and even though the show is on a hiatus, Deavan has been updating fans about her love life. After initially denying that her relationship with Jihoon was strained, Deavan confirmed that she had broken up with her husband. The American reality star is now dating Christopher Park, an actor who has starred in more than 20 movies. Deavan and her new boyfriend recently took their relationship to a new level when they shared some steamy pictures on Instagram.

Deavan poses for some intimate pictures with Christopher Park

Fans have speculated that Deavan may be trying to make Jihoon jealous after she posed for some sexy pictures with her new boyfriend. In a series of steamy photographs, Deavan and Park shared some intimate moments, and it appears that they may be living together. In one of the pictures, Deavan kissed Park, as he lied on top of her shirtless. The couple also shared a cozy picture of Deavan resting her head on her boyfriend’s chest. “90 Day Fiancé” viewers have had mixed reactions to the intimate pictures. While some fans feel that Deavan has the right to date whoever she wants, a section of fans has accused her of cheating on Jihoon.

Jihoon doesn’t want his son to have a new father

In a past Instagram post, Jihoon revealed that Deavan had started dating even though he had not signed their divorce papers. The Korean reality star has told fans that his wife’s decision to move on from their marriage has caused him a lot of pain. Jihoon has declared that he can’t stand the thought of his son, Taeyang, having a new father.

However, Deavan has defended herself from the infidelity accusations by claiming that Jihoon has cut her off from his life.

The American reality star has alleged that Jihoon has blocked her on social media, and he has not been responding to her calls. Deavan has insisted that she has no regrets after she moved on from their stressful marriage.

The couple had clashed on several occasions during the ongoing season of “90 Day Fiancé.” Deavan constantly accused her husband of lying about his financial situation and tricking her into moving to Korea. From her recent Instagram post, it appears that the chances of the couple solving their differences are slim. Fans will get a chance to watch Deavan and Jihoon’s relationship unravel when the final episodes of “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way” return on October 11. For now, Deavan appears to be goading Jihoon by posting intimate pictures of herself with her new boyfriend.