Jihoon Lee is fed up. The Korean reality star has made headlines over the past few weeks due to his crumbling relationship with his wife, Deavan Clegg. The couple has been starring in the second season of “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.” Even though the show will be on hiatus until October, the two reality stars have continued feuding on social media. Jihoon had previously kept a low profile despite the rumors surrounding his troubled marriage, but he recently took to Instagram to address his estranged wife.

Deavan returned to the United States without Jihoon’s consent

The 29-year-old reality star has accused Deavan of leaving Korea without his consent. Jihoon claims that Deavan fled the country with their son without informing him, and he is still waiting for her to return. Unfortunately for the Korean reality star, Deavan has moved on from their marriage. The American reality star recently confirmed that she was dating Christopher Park, an actor based in Los Angeles. In her latest Instagram post, Deavan shared a picture of her new boyfriend and her son, Taeyang, wearing matching outfits. The picture appears to have rubbed Jihoon the wrong way, and he could move to court to sue for the permanent custody of his son.

Jihoon could sue Deavan for cheating on him

90 Day Fiancé” fans have speculated that Jihoon is considering taking legal action against his wife after she decided to move on from their marriage. In his recent Instagram post, Jihoon claimed that he had not signed any divorce papers after Deavan returned to the United States, and he stated that his wife had cheated on him.

If Jihoon moves to court, Deavan could face possible jail time due to her infidelity. According to South Korean laws, adultery is a criminal offense. While the country’s courts have challenged the law, several of the country’s citizens have faced prosecution for cheating on the spouses in the past few years. Fans have now speculated that Deavan could serve a prison sentence if she returns to Korea.

On her part, the 23-year-old has insisted that she has tried her best to be a co-parent with Jihoon. In a recent brutal attack directed towards her husband, Deavan claimed that she had moved on from Jihoon because he had blocked her on social media. The American reality star has told fans that she tried to reach out to her ex-partner, but he ignored her. Deavan has said that she is tired of fans blaming her for their break up, and she will confront Jihoon during the “90 Day Fiancé” Tell All episodes next month. Fans have had mixed reactions to Jihoon and Deavan’s dramatic separation. However, the remaining episodes of “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way” promise to be must-watch television.