Loren Brovarnik is embracing her new role as a celebrity mom. Loren and her husband, Alexei, welcomed their son, Shai, in April. The couple has since returned on "90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk" and they have featured their son on several episodes on the show. Loren has also shared her journey as a new mother with her fans on Instagram, and she recently posted a series of messages on Instagram encouraging her fellow moms.

Battle with mental health

In some heartwarming posts, Loren recorded some positive videos urging other young mothers to love themselves.

The American reality star opened up on her struggles with body dysmorphia, a mental health disorder where patients feel that they have some perceived flaws in their appearance. Loren claimed that she had struggled with the condition during her pregnancy. The popular television personality told fans that she had overcome her body dysmorphia by reaching out to other mothers in several social media groups. Loren revealed that talking to other young mothers had helped her embrace her body. Even though she has been on a mission to lose some weight after her pregnancy, Loren claimed that she had learned to love her body and love herself.

In addition to her insecurity regarding her looks, Loren added that she had suffered postpartum depression after giving birth to her son.

She claimed that she had gotten over the difficult condition by smiling as much as she could and crying whenever she needed to. Loren also cheekily advised her fellow moms to enjoy a glass of wine every day because they deserved it. "90 Day Fiancé" viewers have praised Loren for posting the encouraging messages for her female followers.

Fans also had a chance to interact with Loren on a live Q&A session, and she revealed some interesting details regarding her future with Alexei.

Funny winking face

After one fan asked Loren whether she intended to have more babies with her husband, Loren answered the question with a funny winking face. It appears that the American reality star has plans to expand her family with Alexei, and "90 Day Fiancé" viewers should look forward to some baby news from the couple.

In the meantime, fans can catch up with Loren and Alexei every Sunday on "Pillow Talk." The two reality stars made their return to the show earlier this month, and fans have praised them for their exceptional chemistry and amusing observations. However, viewers feel that the couple has grown more mature after embarking on their parenthood journey. While Alexei and Loren were playful and fun-loving during their first run on the show, fans have observed that they are now more caring and understanding since making their return on "Pillow Talk." Loren’s latest Instagram messages are proof of her growth and maturity since she became a mother.