Freddie Highmore is returning for Season 4 of “The Good Doctor” as the brilliant surgical resident with Savant syndrome, Dr. Shaun Murphy. That news alone is a reason for millions of faithful fans to celebrate and Deadline reported more good news on August 21. Not only is “The Good Doctor” set to start production “in the coming days,” but also, Freddie Highmore and Matt Tarses are collaborating on a project about love under the pressure of impending marriage.

Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person” involves possible relationships in parallel universes and certainly already has high-powered talent from the realm of TV Shows behind it.

Meanwhile, the UK's Daily Express delved into the dating history of Freddie Highmore in an August 21 feature. The leading man is famous for keeping his personal life very private and it seems there are no marriage plans for the gifted actor in real life. His character’s choices in love for the future on “The Good Doctor” are also still a mystery.

From high drama to creating ‘dramedy’ for Freddie Highmore and Matt Tarses

Season 3 of “The Good Doctor” rose to the height of romantic peaks and plunged to the depths of rejection and sadness for Dr. Murphy. He discovered the joyful “parade” of physical intimacy and genuine selflessness with Dr. Carly Lever (Jasika Nicole). She, however, saw the look of love in her boyfriend's eyes and urged him to express his feelings.

When Lea (Paige Spara) spurned the idea that they could ever be a couple, Shaun had every intention of taking a baseball bat to her prized “tomato” car. Instead, he relented on that approach and assailed her with a litany of her shortcomings.

Nonetheless, Lea did prove to be pivotal for Shaun in crucial moments. She was the one he chose to be his companion for the painful journey to see his dying father.

After Shaun’s forgiveness and promise that “I don't want to punish you anymore,” the father’s ultimate, twisted and vengeful deathbed words sent the son into a spiral of self-harm, portrayed poignantly by Freddie Highmore. Spara’s Lea was the only one who could offer the firm, therapeutic, and sensitive hold of comfort in that crisis.

When Lea realizes that Shaun is at huge risk of losing his life and disappearing from hers in the Season 3 finale, she proclaims her love to “the kindest man” she's ever known. The final scene depicts the couple in a kiss, but a single kiss does not a future make. Fate certainly has more hurdles ahead for Freddie Highmore and his castmate.

It has to be a creative release for Freddie Highmore to devote his collaborative time and talents to a “dramedy” that is a little lighthearted. The premise of “Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person” derives from a 2016 opinion piece written by Alain de Botton for the New York Times under the same title.

Matt Tarses and Freddie Highmore are both under deals with Sony Pictures TV.

Highmore also has a production company, Alfresco Pictures, involved in the project. Tarses is an Emmy-nominated writer and producer, known for “Scrubs,” “Mad Love,” and “Sports Night.” His most recent project was the “Mad About You” revival for Spectrum Originals.

In “Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person” two central characters will portray themselves in multiple relationship possibilities on the eve of their weddings, proverbially asking the inevitable “What if?” questions. Matt Tarses will write and produce the series under the awning of Alfresco Pictures and Sony Pictures TV with Freddie Highmore and Claire Londy.

Long friendships for Freddie Highmore but nothing leading to the altar yet

Castmates of Freddie Highmore often remark on his ability to completely turn a scene or deepen its meaning simply with a close-up of his facial expression or how he chooses to deliver a line on “The Good Doctor.” They also describe their Vancouver production home as being akin to a campfire setting, gathering around to share stories, or keep warm in the chilly Canadian temperatures.

The schedule for “The Good Doctor” to resume production was delayed by the request of some of the drama’s crew for more testing. The issues seem to have been resolved to the benefit of all, and ABC’s mega-hit medical drama is slated for a 2021 premiere of its fourth season. The buzz indicates that the first episode will have a storyline about a rampaging global virus.

Fans of “The Good Doctor” will fondly miss some familiar characters in the new season, with the absence of Nicholas Gonzalez and Jasika Nicole, and the adjustment will be another challenge for Dr. Murphy as well. In real life, Freddie Highmore keeps connections with old friends and shows his funny side when it comes to interpreting American dating.

Bates Motel” wrapped its fifth and final season only weeks before Freddie Highmore took his life-affirming lead role in “The Good Doctor.” In contrast to their roles as the co-dependent and completely dysfunctional mother and son, Norma and Norman Bates, actress Vera Farmiga and Highmore have remained close and true friends. Freddie is godfather to Farmiga’s son, Flynn, and takes his role seriously.

Since the mid-2000s, Freddie Highmore has been tenuously attached to Irish actress Sarah Bolger, Dakota Fanning, Emma Roberts, and Abigail Breslin, but star truly keeps his personal life private. No one will find even a hint of romantic getaway photos in his social media profiles. Most do not even have a single post.

Last year, Freddie Highmore did ponder the confusing aspects of dating in America with Jimmy Kimmel. He claimed that British dating models are much more straightforward. If someone gets asked to dinner and it's evening-- it's a date. In America, if a friend invites you to kayak for the day, he or she may consider it as a date-- not just a fun shared activity. The acclaimed actor already has problems celebrating his February 14 birthday. Try getting a reservation on Valentine's Day in New York or LA. Vancouver probably has better odds.

More international art is ahead for Freddie Highmore

Fans who have to have a taste of “The Good Doctor” before the coming of New Year's can at least relive Season 3 on DVD.

Freddie Highmore also has another international series in the offing.

Before the pandemic crisis, Highmore was anxious to celebrate the summer release of his Spanish-language film, “Way Down” directed by the acclaimed Jaume Balaguero. The story portrays Thom in the big-screen venture, a bored engineering student who becomes part of a team to rob the highly-protected Bank of Spain during the 2010 World Cup.

Freddie Highmore will star in and produce “Leonardo,” a limited international series co-produced with Sony Pictures TV. It's good to know that things are ready and waiting when television is restored to its former self and health and safety are kept as primary concerns.

More directing on “The Good Doctor” is definitely a possibility on Freddie Highmore’s plate, but no wedding cake just yet. There's still too much to do before that time comes, not to mention the confusing signals of American courtship.