America's Got Talent” carried on Tuesday night, August 18, without a mention of Simon Cowell or his recuperation from a broken back. While the full extent of the British judge’s injuries has not been revealed, USA Today and Refinery29 reported on August 16 that his back was broken in “several places” following the fall off his electric bike. Last week, Cowell publicly pledged to give away all of his fancy electronic riding toys. His time for healing may be longer than he or many AGT fans hoped, but "SNL" stalwart, Kenan Thompson, took Simon’s seat for the week, and his common-sense critiques and humor were well-received.

Youthful spirit-filled round two of the ‘America's Got Talent’ quarterfinals

Kelvin Dukes definitely stepped up his runs and vocal high notes on his high-energy rendition of Bruno Mars’ “Valerie.” The 14-year-old was just the first of many young performers to prove they had the right stuff to move forward in the competition. Along with his song, Kelvin finished with flair and fancy footwork to close the number. The teenager told “America's Got Talent” host, Terry Crews, that his inspirations hearkened back to Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, and other greats. No matter where this young artist finishes on this journey, the entertainment world is his future.

The dance troupe, Shape, tried to explain their name as being “all we got” amidst these pandemic days.

The group choreographed all their moves virtually for their exuberant performance to Pitbull’s “Fireball.” The boys delivered the performance in the blazing heat and wearing masks, which impressed the judges even beyond the dance display. “I'm telling you, America's got some talent!” Kenan Thompson praised. Sofia Vergara was taken by the song choice and the vivacious effort, with Heidi Klum also impressed.

Only Howie Mandel said “I was watching a different show” and didn't see anything you liked in the number. Maybe Howie is lonesome for his buddy, Simon, and just trying to fill his critical shoes.

Kameron Ross was trying to make his own personal statement with Lady Gaga's “A Million Reasons,” but the performance mostly missed the mark for the judges.

The country singer captured hearts with his story of coming out and then coming back to music. In his profile for this performance, the detailed how his mother had a hard time accepting his truth until her cancer diagnosis built a bridge between the two. Kameron spoke with his mother before going on stage, but the backing vocals and the production seemed to steal from the singer’s heartfelt delivery of his audition. Unanimously, the judges preferred the original performance of his audition, with Kenan Thompson saying that wearing a hat might make the perfect image difference. The song clearly meant a lot to Kameron, but likely was too much of a departure at this stage on “America's Got Talent.”

Bad Salsa and more bring ovations on ‘America's Got Talent’

Between their professed desire “to win the hearts of our judges and America's Got Talent” and their moving true story of dedication to drive them out of poverty, it's hard not to love Bad Salsa.

The dance duo practices 8-10 hours a day, and the effort shows in their supercharged spinning and speed lifting and somersaults in their routine. This Bollywood-inspired original routine was transmitted from India and still brought the judges and the wall of watching Americans to their feet. “I want to say you are bada** salsa, not just Bad Salsa,” Heidi Klum praised. “I don't know what you are,” Howie Mandel opened his comments. “You are dancers, you are danger; you are entertainers and athletes. There's a reason you get the first ovation of the night.” Whatever category Bad Salsa goes for, they're likely to stay in the competition a long while.

It's remarkable that this “America's Got Talent” quarterfinal performance was only the second time that Vincent Marcus had done his rapper champion impressions in front of a live audience.

Somehow, though, the Impressionist told Terry Crews that “I was born for this.” There was more heavy production added to this effort, and Marcus went through his repertoire without introductions of the individual rappers. Kenan Thompson was even confused by the rapid-fire sequence. Still, he and the judges were impressed but seemed to prefer the more organic audition performance. Marcus can definitely find a Vegas audience, but his show won't be one for all ages.

The second 14-year-old of the night, Danieliya Tuleshova, was nothing short of stunning in her very personalized rendition of Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times.” The only problem Harry will have is that everyone may forget that the song is his after hearing Danieliya deliver it.

The judges rose in appreciation once more. “You have an amazing future,” Howie Mandel encouraged. For the singer, that future hopefully includes singing with her heartthrob, Shawn Mendes, once her “America's Got Talent” journey concludes. Sofia Vergara said the performance was “my favorite of the night.” “Definitely the kids night,” described the “Modern Family” star, as Heidi Klum added an enthusiastic “Well done!”

Kenan Thompson excuses himself at certain ‘America's Got Talent’ moments

The judges went outdoors for two of this week's quarterfinal performances. The inspiring Spyros Bros offered another astounding diabolo display. The judges were slightly unnerved with how the siblings slung their orbed instruments so near to their faces.

Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum covered their eyes numerous times. No one could argue that the glow-in-the-dark spectacle wasn't stunning and skillful. The outdoor displays sometimes don't translate well to the small screen, but what the brothers do is remarkable. The younger brother even explained to Terry Crews how the yo-yo and diabolo share a kinship. Somehow, Kenan Thompson explained that “I just ran to my car,” and missed the performance, playfully joking with Terry Crews.

Oddly enough, Thompson was also absent for Jonathan Goodwin’s chilling, but blazing stunt, “Fire Box.” The danger artist has himself doused with fuel before being handcuffed. His head is locked inside a wooden padlocked box.

After a fuse is lit, supposedly, only 20 seconds remain until the gunpowder is expended and Goodwin is set ablaze. It seemed that the accelerant burned more quickly than the 20 seconds. Heidi Klum served as the pre-performance inspector. Nonetheless, Goodwin got himself free and still breathing before becoming a heap of ashes. Howie, Heidi, and Sofia were terrified but wanted to see more. Kenan was at his car again, so chalk it up as another “America's Got Talent” miss for the funnyman.

Showmanship, charm, and pure inspiration close ‘America's Got Talent’

The rocker-showman, BONAVEGA, took on a big-production number with “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd. There's no doubt that what the performer does is entertaining, but this time, the ladies were in dispute over liking the outfit he wore, or rather, the less he wore, during his audition performance.

Kenan Thompson didn’t weigh in on that issue-- he and Howie just enjoyed the “America's Got Talent” diversion.

Alexis and her Puppy Pals were another absolute delight to enjoy. Anyone who has trained a dog understands the devotion of time and love involved. This little girl is clearly bonded with her pooches. Unlike with the Pork Chop Review last week, Alexis didn't have any unwilling participants. They hit their mark every time, and the judges fully approved. It may not be time for this act’s Vegas moment, but sharp little girls with charming dogs don't need TV Shows to find stages after making it to the “America's Got Talent” stage.

In classic “America's Got Talent” tradition, inspiration was the crowning jewel of the evening as Voices of Our City choir took to a darkened stage.

The ensemble’s director and four other vocalists sang the verses of “Stand by Me,” and the stories of their hearts seemed to fill the room under the glow of blue lights. Simon Cowell has often said how he loves a good choir, and this choral group’s life-affirming message had to make the missing judge and any other receiving, open hearts a little more whole as AGT credits rolled.

Predictions for five performers chosen as semifinalists:

Bad Salsa

Danieliya Tuleshova

Voices of Our City

Spyros Bros

Jonathan Goodwin