The war of words between Usman Umar and Lisa Hamme has continued even after their time on "90 Day Fiancé" ended. The two reality stars were one of the most controversial couples on the fourth season of "Before the 90 Days." Even though they tied the knot during their time on the show, Usman and Lisa’s marriage fell apart during the season-ending Tell All episode. In a controversial twist, Usman accused his wife of using the N-word in a previous argument, which led to outrage from many fans. Viewers petitioned TLC to fire Lisa, and the network caved into the pressure and terminated Usman and Lisa’s contracts.

Lisa and Usman's relationship

After their release, Lisa and Usman have traded accusations on social media, and fans have recently learned that Lisa could go to jail after her ex-partner accused her of fraud. In a past Instagram post, Usman informed fans that Lisa had swindled him after she received a payment on his behalf and failed to send him the money. The Nigerian reality star claimed that Lisa used his $26,000 payment to buy herself a new car. Fans have now learned that Lisa could face fraud charges once she returns to Nigeria. According to some media reports, Lisa could be jailed under article 419 of the Nigerian Criminal Act, which outlines the penalties of obtaining property by false claims such as online fraud.

"90 Day Fiancé" fans now feel that Lisa and Usman’s relationship is unsalvageable. In a previous interview, Usman had claimed that he would seek an annulment of his marriage to Lisa. Fans suspect that he could use the 419-fraud law in his home country to convince the courts to grant the annulment. It will be interesting to see how Lisa defends herself from the fraud allegations.

Even though their divorce is not official, Usman and Lisa have traded some scathing accusations on social media. While Usman has accused his ex-partner of swindling him financially, Lisa has claimed that he used her to further his music career.

A romantic scam

In a past Instagram rant, Lisa told fans that Usman had turned their relationship into a romantic scam.

The American reality star claimed that Usman had used his time on "90 Day Fiancé" to further his music career. She added that he was a selfish individual, and he had refused to share the proceeds of his music earnings with his family. On his part, Usman has admitted that he did not love Lisa. However, he has insisted that he tried his best to make her happy. The Nigerian reality star recently poked fun at Lisa’s age, calling her an old woman and a criminal. From their back and forth arguments on social media, it appears that Lisa will not be returning to Nigeria due to the potential fraud charges awaiting her. Meanwhile, Usman rumored to have secret relationship with Brittany.