"90 Day Fiancé" reality star Karine Martins has confirmed that she and her son Pierre are doing well. The TLC cast member, mother, and wife to Paul Staehle, was reported missing, August 1, after her husband informed his Instagram followers of a huge fight. He claimed that his neighbor told him that his wife had entered a man's car and gone somewhere with their son.

Paul and Karine have been having fights lately that have involved the police. On July 30, Karine called the police on Paul. He live-streamed his entire session with the police. He also asked the police to check the cameras in his home.

He denied being abusive to his Brazilian wife and explained that he had overheard her talking about Child Protection Services and when he asked her, she got angry.

Karine also claimed that her American husband had abused her and threatened to take their son away if she left him. Daily Mail reported that Karine said that Paul prevented her from using birth control and held unto her Green Card, in order to control her. News emerged that she filed a protection order against Paul.

Karine says she is safe

According to The Sun, the 23-year-old took to her Instagram to inform her loved ones and Instagram fans that she is doing well. She explained further that she has had a lot going on these past days.

She said that there were times she had to call the police because she feared for her life and the life of her son. She continued, saying that she was "rescued" from the bad environment because it was not healthy. She assured her fans that she was getting the "best help." She asked her fans to keep her in their prayer. She thanked the people that were worried about her, etc.

Karine says the relationship can not be fixed

The "90 Day Fiancé" reality star, Karine, said that relationships were hard but hers couldn't be fixed. The duo got married in 2017. She said she needed time to work on herself and focus on her son. She also said that she wasn't missing and the police were aware of where she was.

She clarified that no fundraising page has been opened for her and her son. She then said that she would not speak about the case again on the media, because it was a "legal matter"

According to Daily Mail, this isn't the first time Paul had legal problems in his relationship. In the past, he was locked up after he broke the terms on a restraining order an ex put on him. In the year 2014, the 35-year-old was put on probation after being convicted with second-degree arson.

What do you think about Karine's story? Do you think they'll settle this and get back together? What do you think of Paul after reading his past records? Do you think they should get back together and settle down?