Rape accused Paul Staehle is a worried man. The "90 Day Fiancé" star is currently involved in court proceedings against his wife Karine Martins after the couple got into a fight last month. During their squabble, Karine had to call police officers to intervene, and she left her home with her 17-month-old son, Pierre. The Brazilian reality star filed a restraining order against her husband accusing him of sexual abuse and rape. While the couple’s case is yet to be determined, fans are worried that Paul could be in deep trouble after he posted a desperate message on his Instagram page.

Paul's message amid legal battle

Some hawk-eyed "90 Day Fiancé' fans have noticed a cryptic message on Paul’s Instagram bio. This is seen as a turning point in Paul's attitude by the fans. The American reality star recently edited his profile information by writing a message in Portuguese. After translating the message, fans learned that Paul had edited his Instagram bio by writing a short prayer asking God to grant him a miracle. Many fans now fear that the American reality star could be guilty of the rape allegations he is facing in court, and he may serve a long prison sentence due to his criminal past.

During Paul’s first appearance on "90 Day Fiancé," fans learned that the 35-year-old reality star had served a brief prison sentence in 2014 after the courts convicted him on arson charges.

Paul had burned down his personal property in an attempt to defraud his insurer, and he concluded his parole supervision in April. Now that he is facing rape allegations, Paul appears desperate to avoid serving another prison sentence, and he recently tried to reconcile with Karine by posting a touching message on his Instagram account declaring that he was sorry for his actions.

Martial problems

The American reality star claimed that he regretted publicizing his marital problems on Instagram, adding that he missed waking up with his family by his side. Paul told fans that he was willing to forgive his wife over her recent rape allegations, and he would not harbor any ill will towards her. Despite Paul’s pleas for reconciliation, Karine has insisted that she will let the American court system settle her current dispute with her husband.

In an earlier Instagram post, Karine had claimed that she would file for a divorce as well as for the permanent custody of their son. The Brazilian reality star claimed that her husband was a narcissist after he attempted to discredit her rape allegations. Paul and Karine have been starring in the fifth season of "90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After." The remaining episodes of the show are likely to shed light on their future. However, after reading the message on Paul’s Instagram bio, fans are worried that he will lose his court case with Karine and serve a second prison sentence.