"90 Day Fiancé" fans are worried about Karine Martins. The Brazilian reality star has kept a low profile ever since she had a bitter fight with her husband, Paul Staehle. In some recently leaked court documents, fans found out that Paul had accused Karine of trying to kill him by poisoning his food with some pieces of glass. On her part, Karine has claimed that Paul has sexually abused her, and fans now fear that the 23-year-old reality star could choose to abort her latest pregnancy.

Karine's pregnancy

In May this year, fans learned that Karine was expecting her second child after Paul took to Instagram to announce the news.

At the time, the American reality star was excited as he posted a picture of Karine which showed her baby bump. According to some media reports, Karine was already several months pregnant when Paul posted the picture, and she would have had her baby during the autumn season. However, after Paul and Karine’s explosive fight last month, "90 Day Fiancé" fans suspect that Karine could opt for an abortion.

During their first appearance on "90 Day Fiancé," Karine and Paul opened up about their pregnancy struggles. Karine suffered a miscarriage during their time on the show, and fans felt sorry for the two reality stars as they shared the heartbreaking story. However, Paul and Karine did not give up on their attempts to have a baby, and the couple welcomed their son, Pierre, in 2019.

However, with Karine allegedly expecting her second child, fans are afraid that her recent fight with Paul could push her to terminate the pregnancy. Paul appeared to acknowledge the possibility of Karine getting an abortion when he tried to strike a more reconciliatory tone in his latest Instagram post.

Paul willing to forgive Karine

The American reality stars declared that he wanted to be part of his unborn child’s life. Paul claimed that he was willing to forgive Karine even though she had accused him of rape, and he would not harbor any hate towards her if she chose to drop the allegations. Paul has admitted that he was wrong to publicize his recent domestic dispute with Karine.

While Paul has appeared ready for reconciliation, Karine has taken a more aggressive approach to their pending court hearing. The Brazilian reality star has insisted that she will let the courts settle her dispute with her husband. Karine has also hinted that she will file for full custody for their son. However, the 23-year-old has not disclosed any information about the status of her pregnancy. It will be interesting to see whether Karine will address the abortion rumors. Even though her differences with Paul may be irreconcilable, "90 Day Fiancé" fans hope that Karine will keep her baby. Notably, Paul recently changed his Instagram bio saying "god Please Grant me a miracle.'