Annie Suwan and David Toborowsky are the funniest cast members on “90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk.” Fans have praised the two reality stars for their antics on the show, and they have subsequently garnered a huge following on social media. Annie and David frequently post funny clips of themselves on Instagram. In his latest post, David shared a hilarious video of Annie, which has since gone viral.

Annie’s funny video goes viral

In the humorous video, Annie gives fans a tour of her apartment, and she promotes her high tech toilet. The Thailand reality claims that since David insists on calling her a queen, she deserves to have the best of everything.

Annie proceeds to their bathroom, and she hilariously describes their high tech toilet, explaining that it automatically opens when she has to go to the bathroom. The 27-year-old goes on to play some music and starts twerking. Annie jokes that she spends a lot of time on the toilet, adding that it even warms her behind. The hilarious video has gathered 20,000 views in less than 24 hours, and David wrote a touching message for his wife after sharing the funny clip.

David posts a touching message for Annie

The American reality star thanked Annie for making him laugh every day. David declared that Annie was his queen, and she deserved nothing but the best. He concluded his message by confessing his love for Annie and added that she was his sweetheart.

90 Day Fiancé” viewers have also praised Annie’s for her fun-loving personality. Many fans have commended David and Annie for providing some funny moments for their Instagram followers to help them get through the coronavirus pandemic. The couple has had to overcome some difficult moments in their relationship, and their bond appears to be stronger as a result.

When David and Annie immigrated to the United States, they had to live with one of David’s friends. At the time, David was struggling to overcome his alcoholism, and he often had to borrow money from his friends and family. Annie had not received her work permit, and she had no viable source of income. Despite the challenges, the couple stuck together, and their loyalty to each other was rewarded when their fortunes turned around.

David secured a lucrative job and stopped his heavy drinking, while Annie received her work permit and started a cooking business. The two reality stars recently moved to Arizona after they saved up some money and bought a house. After seeing Annie’s latest video, fans have concluded that the couple is living a comfortable life. “90 Day Fiancé” viewers are happy to see Annie and David thriving, and they look forward to seeing more hilarious Instagram posts from the couple.