When Calls the Heart” has always had Erin Krakow as the beautiful ambassador for birthday greetings on the beloved Hallmark Channel drama. No matter how long the hours on the set, or the commitments in her calendar, the actress who embodies the resilient Elizabeth Thornton never misses a birthday of a special friend, castmate, or often, fan. Her trademark heart, spirit, and humor flow through every remembrance shared on social media.

Erin Krakow had a lot more to do this week than learn all her lines and capture the heartfelt emotion of her character on “When Calls the Heart.” After testing and waiting for clear results, Erin welcomed Hearties back to Hope Valley under a bright and welcoming sun in the center of town.

The star offered her broad smile and a friendly wave, just sparing her mask for a second to welcome Season 8. She also made time to send birthday love to her longtime friend, Lori Loughlin, as confirmed by ShowbizCheatSheet on July 29.

Loyalty and redemption are virtues strongly embraced on “When Calls the Heart.” Mistakes, misjudgments, and downfalls to one degree or another are part of life, and every person deserves the chance to learn from the past and become better. Consequences come for every bad choice, which is another theme that reverberates through the drama.

Erin Krakow proves that a friend’s loyalty and treasure of the good memories can endure through the hard times. Lori Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannuli, will soon learn the consequences for their involvement with Rick Singer in the Operation Varsity Blues college admissions scandal in March of 2019.

Smiles and support between ‘When Calls the Heart’ friends

People reported on July 29 that Lori Loughlin shared a “very quiet celebration” with her daughters and other close family members for her 56th birthday. According to the story, the family now prefers time “up the coast” from LA for the sake of privacy.

No intrusion can be felt from the photo shared by Erin Krakow to Loughlin on July 28.

The two on-screen “When Calls the Heart” friends are clearly savoring off-screen joy in the photo credited to Janette Stephens.

“Happy birthday my forever friend. Love you,” Krakow captioned the photo with a heart.

Erin Krakow marked Lori’s birthday last year with another special photo, captioned with a cherished line from a scene with the two.

Fond memories are always healing, and Loughlin and her fashion designer husband are preparing themselves for sentencing on August 21, following their May guilty plea for bribery in securing admissions for their daughters into USC. Loughlin is facing two months in prison, a hefty fine, and 100 hours of community service. Mossimo Giannuli may serve up to five months in prison for his part in the combined $650,000 in payments to Singer.

Lori Loughlin no longer has a public media presence, but her daughters, Isabella Rose and Olivia Jade Giannuli both responded to their mom’s friend and “When Calls the Heart” costar with love.

Many longtime friends and co-stars with Loughlin, such as Jack Wagner from the “Beverly Hills 90210” and “Melrose Place” days with the actress, beyond “When Calls the Heart,” were in stunned shock following the cheating revelations. John Stamos, who has shared the screen with Loughlin in “Full House” before the spinoff “Fuller House,” has also remained in her corner as a friend.

More memories and wishes from ‘When Calls the Heart’ and Hallmark family

Pascale Hutton is famous for creating big occasions as Rosemary Coulter on “When Calls the Heart,” and she also sent a smiling, spirited memory on social media to Lori Loughlin, complete with a lacy, pointed nose. Rosemary, Abigail, and Elizabeth were quite the unstoppable force of feminine strength on the drama.

Holly Robinson Peete replied to Erin Krakow with her own birthday wish. Candace Cameron Bure has become the same kind of reigning talent that Loughlin was, with endless titles and projects under the network mantle. She offered a string of hearts to Lori as her reply. Peete’s imprint with the network is bound to grow, as more projects of inclusivity are planned for the future.

Will Lori Loughlin make ‘When Calls the Heart’ home again?

The Los Angeles Times reported on the $18.75 million sale of the Bel Air home owned by Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannuli to Tinder co-founder, Justin Mateen, on July 29. Although the final sale price falls far under the original asking price of $35 million, the added cash will help with legal fees.

The deepest tragedy in this entire family situation is that these parents had immense means to afford a very prestigious education for both their daughters, who were never interested in becoming scholars. Their misdirected sense of privilege cost some deserving, dedicated, diligent student an earned opportunity to attend USC. “When Calls the Heart” espouses the decency of owning up to mistakes, but for months, the star and her husband fought the charges before pleading guilty. Loughlin now “just wants it over with” as she confronts sentencing that may be legal, but can never make things just.

When Calls the Heart” co-creator and executive producer, Brian Bird, was very open about describing how love and forgiveness cannot dismiss consequences following the severed ties with Loughlin by Hallmark.

Countless fans, like her co-stars, certainly would welcome her back. The door is certainly open. Abigail can always return to Hope Valley from “back East.”

Only time will tell if such a return will ever be realized on “When Calls the Heart,” but if it does, if let's hope that Lori Loughlin, not just her character, has learned some meaningful lessons in contrition, humility, and the error of privilege. A new life path is always possible, and not just on TV Shows.