Lori Loughlin is beloved as Mayor Abigail Stanton on “When Calls the Heart,” the woman who portrays strength, faith, and conviction as she serves the people of Hope Valley. Just days ago, the actress thanked the millions of “Hearties” for their faithful support in tuning into the latest episode of the Hallmark Channel super series. In the March 10 episode, “A Vote of Confidence,” Lori Loughlin’s character contends with the new saloon owner, played by the new cast member, Chris McNally, over the noise and late weeknight hours that keep the children of her community from sleeping and being rested for a successful day at school.

Fans fully understand that TV land is apart from the reality of life, but by any measure, Lori Loughlin has led a blessed life in her profession. She began gracing America's living rooms in a role as a 16-year-old on the daytime drama “The Edge of Night.” Her long-running stints as “Aunt Becky” on “Full House” and the recently-concluded Netflix run of “Fuller House” further solidified her image and persona as the sweet and sensibly –grounded girl that every guy loved, and every girl wanted as a friend. Her longtime on-screen loves, John Stamos and Rob Estes (from “90210” and “Melrose Place”), have remained supportive and close friends.

This morning, March 13, as more details of Lori Loughlin’s involvement in a massive college admission cheating scandal are revealed across headlines and every major news network, the star’s words are silent on Twitter and Instagram.

Millions of “When Calls the Heart” viewers are left sad and in despair over this situation.

The saying goes that life imitates art, and one memorable episode in Lori Loughlin’s archives cuts very close to home for this current situation. In another sense, fans and friends can only hope that Lori Loughlin will reflect and strive to emulate the character and personal conviction of her characters and work to amend mistakes and make her accountability a lesson for her daughters.

A resemblance from the past

The federal investigation, “Operation Varsity Blues,” began when William “Rick” Singer began cooperating with authorities last fall. Singer headed a for-profit college admission assistance business and made contacts with eight prestigious universities — Yale, Stanford, USC, UCLA, and the University of Texas among them—and several coaches who got kickbacks through Singer from the high-paying parents.

Singer has pleaded guilty to 65 separate counts, involving arranging false recruitments onto sports teams and alterations, modifications, or substitutes in taking college entrance exams.

Lori Loughlin and her husband, fashion designer, Mossimo Giannuli, allegedly paid $500,000 to Singer for “doctored” photos of their daughters in crew sports and recruitment onto the USC team as part of boosting admission. Giannuli posted $1 million bond on Tuesday and was released. The parents’ misguided efforts seem unappreciated. Daughter, Olivia Jade, 19, posted in 2017 that she “really didn't care” about school.

The only ones who are likely to be hearing messages from Lori Loughlin today (March 13) are the authorities, as she is expected to go before authorities under the same bond agreement and amount, hoping to retain her travel to the Vancouver, where “When Calls the Heart” is filmed.

Loughlin, her husband, and “Desperate Housewives” star, Felicity Huffman, are included among the 50 indicted on mostly mail fraud charges. Huffman posted $250,000 and was released on Tuesday. Loughlin and her husband are charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud. Both may face tax fraud issues, as evidence reportedly exists of their agreeing to call the large payment a “charitable donation” rather than a payment for admission.

Through the night, a “Full House” episode of Loughlin and Stamos’ characters as young parents began to emerge on several news channels. Becky scolds well-meaning dad, Jesse, when he confesses to “embellishing” the accomplishments of their children in order to obtain admission to an uppity preschool.

Real-life tragedy

What has endeared fans on “When Calls the Heart” are its wholesome themes of respect, love, community, faith, and doing the right thing. The current Season 6 has already broken rating records, which leading lady, Erin Krakow, lovingly credited to the fans. From the classroom to the jail, the church, or the home, the people, the parents, and the children of Hope Valley are taught the value of responsibility and owning up to mistakes.

There is no way to rectify the wrong of the many students who worked their entire young lives, who saved and studied with all their being to be admitted to USC or another of the named institutions of higher learning, only to be denied because someone of privilege and means, over ability, took their place.

The only absolution is that consequences for terrible wrongs are sometimes tools for growing character and that growth goes on so long as any person lives.

Hope Valley is a fictional place where people of little means make the most of the joys in life and each other, and that abundance from the soul is far greater than anything from a store or a stolen degree. The people of Hope Valley believe in forgiveness, and hopefully, in her real life, Lori Loughlin will take enough responsibility to be granted such a gift.

On Valentine’s Day, the mother spent her day on morning shows and expressed gratitude for her daughters, the drama, and its loyal following.

Regardless of where Lori Loughlin spends time next fall, the values of her character and others on “When Calls the Heart” still need to be taught.