The coronavirus pandemic has halted off-season preparations for all college teams, as we get closer to starting the season in September. Teams have been conducting virtual meetings to prepare their players for the 2020 season, but it remains unclear when players will get back on campus. Although college teams have had their off-season plans derailed, many have continued to work hard on recruiting talent. Over the weekend, the Nebraska football team got a huge boost after Latrell Neville announced that he would join the program.

Alabama, Ohio State, LSU, and Oklahoma defeated by Nebraska Huskers

In an impressive feat, Nebraska Huskers beat out Alabama, Ohio State, LSU, and Oklahoma to land the 6-foot-4, 190-pound wide receiver. Neville had previously committed to Virginia Tech, but the Nebraska coaching staff was persistent in their pursuit of the four-star player. The Huskers’ new offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach, Matt Lubick, was instrumental in getting Latrell to change his mind and commit to Nebraska. Latrell will be a valuable addition to the team’s offense due to his physical attributes and impressive speed. The talented player is the second wide receiver to commit to the Huskers after 6-foot-3 2021 commit, Shawn Hardy.

The two players will give Nebraska a physical presence on offense with their ability to block during running plays.

After Latrell announced his new destination on Twitter, Nebraska players and coaches posted messages welcoming Latrell to the school.

Heading into his third year as the Husker’s head coach, Scott Frost appears to have turned Nebraska into an attractive destination for the best players in the country. Frost has also made inroads in recruiting talent in big football states in the country. Latrell was the second player that the Huskers have recruited from Texas after they managed to convince Omar Manning to join the program last year.

Now that the Huskers have acquired some talented players at the wide receiver position, they are expected to be competitive even though they lost their best player at the position.

J.D Spielman's departure

Last month, Nebraska fans were disappointed to learn that J.D. Spielman had entered the transfer portal. The talented wide receiver was a key cog in the Huskers offense during his three years with the team. However, he opted out of spring training this year due to what Coach Frost cited as personal reasons. Now that he will not return for his senior season, Nebraska will have to lean on their young wide receivers.

Many fans wanted to see Spielman finish his college career with the Huskers. However, Coach Frost has revealed that he talked to the talented wide receiver before he entered the transfer portal, and they agreed that both sides needed a fresh start. Huskers’ fans now hope that Latrell Neville can step into J.D. Spielman’s shoes and makes big plays for the team.