This article contains spoilers.

The kiss on “The Good Doctor” that closed the wrenching Season 3 finale of the medical drama, “I Love You,” left faithful fans on an up note, yet still as unsteady as the rubble that once was the brewery. Even among the camp of loyal Lea (Paige Spara) devotees, there is a dubiousness as to whether facing the possibility of losing Shaun (Freddie Highmore) forever can really become her driving force to forever love.

In a July 2 feature in ShowbizCheatSheet, the actress who fearlessly embodies the fickle and flighty Lea reflected on her character's feelings, and how they may affect a lasting future with the brilliant savant surgical resident who she certainly cherishes as a friend.

In a July 3 profile, The Cheat Sheet followed up on actor, Hill Harper, who portrays Dr. Marcus Andrews on “The Good Doctor.”

As it turns out, Harper's character also played a pivotal role in Dr. Murphy's recent romantic decisions, and in the coming Season 4, Dr. Andrews will have a huge part in guiding the professional journey of the gifted resident. “The Good Doctor” doesn't even realize yet how the earthquake ravaged his own life and those of so many he knows. The aftershocks will be felt forever at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital and storylines could be shaken, too.

Paige Spara points out the difference between love and being the right person for ‘The Good Doctor’

There are moments when Lea knows exactly the perfect intercession to bring Shaun to confidence or comfort.

In Episode 10 of Season 3, “Friends and Family,” only she understood or could provide the “therapeutic hug” that could ease “The Good Doctor” out of his escalating self-harm after hearing of his father's death and confronting all the unspoken hurt.

Lea devised a system to help Shaun think of driving like a medical procedure when he wanted to be the one to drive Dr.

Glassman (Richard Schiff) to chemotherapy. She soon discovered that the distractions of driving were much more overwhelming than those in the OR for “The Good Doctor.” His many glowing attributes and his very special needs will never fit into a “one-size-fits-all” category.

Paige Spara cites that Lea’s pulling back from Shaun in the episode “Autopsy” should be seen from a place of virtue.

In a typical romantic situation, “That would be her person,” the star confirms. “However, would she be the right person for him?” Spara insists that Lea knows herself well, and feels “I can't be selfish” and just blurt “I love you. Let's give this a shot,” as she told TVLine near the end of last season.

The three little words have been spoken to “The Good Doctor” now, along with the assurance that “You make me more,” but being lovers is all new territory. Life-and-death situations can provoke people to take crazy leaps. Dr. Murphy just got done sawing his patient’s leg off under 3 feet of water, and even the patient didn't put too much stock in Lea. Just seeing the face of a friend after horrific trauma is worthy of a kiss, so plotting the romance out too far is premature.

The moment can be savored only for what it is.

A different love turn for ‘The Good Doctor’ could happen

Fans of “The Good Doctor” firmly in the corner of Dr. Carly Lever recently got very despairing news. The luminous Jasika Nicole, whose face can carry more emotional range in a single scene than pages of scripts for many actors, was not invited back as part of the regular cast for Season 4. The series whose hallmark is inclusivity and acceptance truly missed a mark here. Nicole is not only an ebullient presence on-screen as a person of color, but her character had the endless potential for future storylines beyond her romance with Dr. Murphy.

Shaun made it clear that he understood the selfish side of Lea in the episode, “Heartbreak,” when he took more than a few whacks at her prized “striped tomato” with a baseball bat and unloaded every harsh truth before dropping the weapon.

He also witnessed the determined, selfless side of devotion in Carly, who made herself known as the girlfriend who didn't want to settle for movies and kissing. She was willing to do whatever “The Good Doctor” needed to have true intimacy, and the work was worth it. She just wasn't willing to battle a flame where she still saw glowing embers, but it would've been nice to see her try.

Morgan Reznick (Fiona Gubelmann) has gained a whole new understanding of what it is to deal with a special need. She sacrificed permanent disability from her rheumatoid arthritis to buy herself potentially 10 years of performing surgery through a risky procedure. She then violated her own recovery by performing surgery to save the patient under the staff shortages provoked by the earthquake.

She has a noble, selfless side if she only lets herself display it. She has the insight now to see “The Good Doctor” as a person, not as the prodigy who “still shouldn't be here,” as she has bluntly told him before. Empathy is the fertilizer for deeper humanity. If anyone can extend an olive branch to someone who seldom gave it, Shaun Murphy can. The common ground of understanding and overcoming personal challenges could lead to a blossoming change of heart. The two also share a common ally in Dr. Glassman.

Hill Harper could take on a bigger role on Season 4 of ‘The Good Doctor’

At 54, Hill Harper has spent a lifetime speaking out. In his roles, in books, and in social activism, the acclaimed actor has made himself heard.

This year, he has already been involved with the Baltimore Book Festival and as a keynote speaker at the 2020 Detroit Policy Conference. It's no wonder that wherever he goes, an audience listens. His first role came in medicine.

Harper has his own kind of swagger as Marcus Andrews on “The Good Doctor,” and perhaps, his medical aptitude as an actor started early. His TV acting debut came in 1993 when he portrayed a nurse on “Life Goes On.” He had a recurring role on “Married…with Children” as Aaron before film roles came.

Hill Harper took his first TV role as a doctor on “City of Angels,” portraying Dr. Wesley Williams. He also co-starred in the groundbreaking, deeply dark, but true story of “Concussion” opposite Will Smith, delving into the cover-up of early instances of CTE in sports.

Harper joined “The Good Doctor” in 2017, after numerous film and guest-starring television roles. The actor praises that the success of the series rests with the writers and creator, David Shore. The combination of cast talent, creative storylines, and unforgettable scenes and dialogue are unique in the copycat nature of TV Shows.

Dr. Andrews sided with Dr. Murphy, and for the ouster of Dr. Jackson Han (Daniel Dae Kim) when the choice came down to brass tacks in Season 2. Shaun didn't know that another of his allies and defenders, Dr. Neil Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez), suffered fatal internal injuries from the earthquake.

Dr. Murphy turned to Dr. Andrews for relationship advice on choosing between Carly and Lea.

Andrews didn't rely on any reasoned evidence, but instead, on the feeling that he still got after 27 years when his wife spoke. “My heart sped up. Still does,” confirmed the supervisor. Speaking of Isabel, she hasn't been seen in a while.

Without his vocational mentor, “The Good Doctor” will need another role model, and Dr. Andrews could assume greater leadership again with the residents, which he certainly has never minded. Dr. Lim (Christina Chang) may also find that grief is consuming her attention for a good while.

The familiar and fondly-held characters gone from “The Good Doctor” will leave a void, but, just like in real life, change is constant. Season 4 is bound to take surprise detours and address the challenges the world is living with presently. Foes can become friends, and together, anything is possible.