America's Got Talent” usually serves as a savior from the summertime reruns, but this year is very different for all performance-based TV Shows. The TV talent competition, with versions around the globe, removes boundaries of age, gender, or definition in performance ranges, leaving the estimation of talent to the panel of judges and the exuberant audience. The coronavirus pandemic has proven to be a greater nemesis than the dreaded red X’s, and even a mega-mogul like Simon Cowell isn’t taking any chances with his competition against this foe.

Millions of fans were dismayed last night, July 7, to see an AGT rebroadcast of the premiere episode of Season 15, and some felt misled by an Instagram post from Heidi Klum, as reported by Good Housekeeping on July 7.

There's no doubt that the current season of “America's Got Talent” is unlike any other in its storied run and viewers are in for more changes to come.

Heidi Klum had ‘America's Got Talent’ faithful worried and confused

The month of March came in with a lion’s roar on “America's Got Talent,” and before the Season 15 auditions were finished, supermodel and mom Heidi Klum was hit with what she thought might be COVID-19. The supermodel and mom fell ill on March 10 with high fever and a sore throat. It was so early in pandemic days that no amount of celebrity status got anyone ahead of the line in testing. Only a few NBA players with known exposure got the jump on knowing for sure.

Heidi was sent home to quarantine and Howie Mandel served as comforter-in-chief from the show, calling in to check on her and offer reassurance.

The famous germaphobe hardly had to make any adjustments to his daily life. Mandel has been doing elbow bumps and social-distancing long before they became mandated etiquette.

Some “America's Got Talent” followers got the wrong idea from an Instagram message announcing this week's show. The wording was clear, letting fans know that if they missed this summer's season premiere that they "can check it out TUESDAY” in the regular time slot.

The accompanying photo of a radiant Heidi Klum, however, had some thinking that the judge would be back in her seat next to Sofia Vergara.

Fortunately, Heidi Klum and her husband, guitarist Tom Kaulitz, did get their test and both were negative for the virus. Fans will have to wait a little longer to see “alive and well Heidi” gracing “America's Got Talent” once more, but at least they were treated to the fun of seeing Klum kiss a pig (again) in the very first audition.

No one becomes more bonded to her favorite acts than Heidi.

The judges do their job drive-in style on ‘America's Got Talent’

In the second week of auditions this year, there was a cozy shot of Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara, Simon Cowell, and Heidi Klum all together on a sofa. Well, let's just say that cuddly peek will be the last of its kind until the pandemic is officially obliterated.

Last week, Simon Cowell reflected characteristic British resolve when he reflected that “As bad as it is, you always find a solution to get back to work.” Cowell consulted with other productions in the “Got Talent” global franchise to learn how they carried on through the crisis. He described the process of being back to work as “very inspiring” and elaborated that everyone in the crew was “excited” to be on the job.

America's Got Talent” is a massive production and requires intense man-hours, with devotion to quality.

Viewers will soon see the judges arrive in separate cars, very different from the hijinks Howie Mandel used to indulge in, with diversions all over town. Cinema Blend detailed on July 6 that each judge will sit socially-distanced in an outdoor theater and view performances on a huge, drive-in theater-style screen. Simon Cowell did confess that for some of the acts, capturing performances on an iPhone, especially from animals like little pigs, is a genuine challenge. Producers still agree that “America's Got Talent” fans at home will still feel impressed by the efforts. The first post-quarantine show has already been shot in this new environment and it will air July 28.

Some of the ‘America's Got Talent’ adaptations are great for the talent

America's Got Talent” has always saved its biggest celebrations and hoopla for the talented hopefuls who dare to change their futures in two minutes on a stage. Now, performances are happening from who knows where. Season 15 has already seen single mothers, a wrongly-imprisoned singer, super-gifted special needs kids, and dreamers from desperate poverty put their lives on the line for a positive vote.

In this unique season, the competition will condense the Judge Cuts into just one episode. 72 performers did their best for the taping, and 60 survive to potentially perform in the live shows. Another 20 will be trimmed before the tentative start of the live shows on August 11.

Ten performers will perform for four weeks, which is up from the usual 36 acts over three weeks. “America's Got Talent” is still keeping the talent center stage.

A new round of auditions will air on July 14, and then, alas, a “Best of Season 15 Auditions” will fill the timeslot on July 21, before Judge Cuts on July 28. Best of all, Heidi Klum will be back on board for that momentous “America's Got Talent” occasion. This year's competition has been a testament to overcoming.