"90 Day Fiancé" viewers are arguably the most passionate television show fan base in the world. The show’s fans tend to be very vocal with their feelings, especially when they dislike a couple that appears on the show. During the sixth season of "90 Day Fiancé," one couple experienced the wrath of many fans due to their provocative personalities. Eric and Leida came under scrutiny for the crude manner in which they treated Tasha, Eric’s daughter. However, the couple is still as controversial as ever. In a recent interview, Eric and Leida called Black Lives Matter the worst protest movement in America.

Eric and Leida on Black Lives Matter

After the killing of George Floyd in May this year, protests erupted in the United States castigating the cruel manner in which Minneapolis police officers took Floyd’s life. The Black Lives Matter movement has organized many protests in America calling for an end to police brutality as well as equal opportunities for black people. However, during their interview with Domenick Nati, Eric and Leida stated that the Black Lives Matter movement is a "terrorist organization", and they claimed that it has been promoting black supremacy.

While explaining his views, "90 Day Fiancé" star Eric insisted that he did not support Black Lives Matter because it had turned into "a fascist movement." The American reality star also blamed the Democratic Party for the ongoing protests in the United States.

When Domenick asked him whether he had an issue with police brutality, Eric admitted that there were a few bad apples in the police force. However, he suggested that "black people are often the victims of police brutality because they are more likely to resist arrest." Eric added that he was against defunding the police force and said that the problem of police brutality should be addressed through training the police on de-escalation tactics.

Eric and Leida’s strong opinions about the Black Lives Matter movement immediately led to a backlash from fans. The interview host, Domenick Nati, had to change the topic after fans furiously disagreed with the couple’s views. However, Leida and Eric insisted that they were entitled to their opinions because America is a free country.

It isn’t the first time that fans have reacted negatively to Leida and Eric.

Leida and Eric still together

Leida's latest Instagram post confirmed that the couple is still together. During their time on the show, fans criticized the couple after Leida forced Eric to kick out his teenage daughter, Tasha. Leida went on to file a restraining order against Tasha, and the Indonesian reality star convinced her American husband to take her side.

During the interview, Leida and Eric revealed that they had received death threats for their appearance on "90 Day Fiancé." The two reality stars have vowed never to appear on another season of the popular reality show, and they have even claimed that TLC doesn’t offer fair compensation to cast members who appear on the show.