The second season of "90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way" premiered last month, and one couple’s relationship appears to be falling apart. Jihoon and Deavan are struggling to get along on their second season on the show. During their first run, the couple tied the knot even though Deavan had doubts about Jihoon’s capability to support her financially. The couple has a son together, while Deavan has a daughter from a previous relationship. The American reality star has in the past questioned her husband’s ability to support their family in Korea, and it seems that her doubts are finally turning into reality, reports EOnline.

Jihoon's financial condition

In a sneak preview for next Monday’s episode, "90 Day Fiancé" star Jihoon admits that he has failed to provide a comfortable life for Deavan and their two children. The Korean reality star opens up about his difficult financial situation in a touching confession. Jihoon admits that he did not attend a prestigious university in his country and that he doesn’t have any marketable skills, which makes it hard for him to secure a well-paying job. Instead, Jihoon tells Deavan that he has been taking up delivery jobs which pay him close to $3000 every month. He also admits that he prefers to take up part-time jobs because they allow him to rest. However, Jihoon’s confession doesn’t please Deavan.

The American reality star tells TLC producers that Jihoon lied about his money problems. Deavan claims that her husband had said that he was financially stable and that made her comfortable in making the move to Korea. She now feels that Jihoon tricked her into starting a new life with him even though he knew that he couldn’t support her.

During her second trip with Korea, Deavan traveled with her two children as well as her mother. She has said that she regrets leaving her well-paying job in the United States to settle down with Jihoon.

Deavan and Jihoon's relationship

Deavan has also criticized Jihoon for taking up part-time jobs. After he admitted that he had taken the jobs so that he could rest, Deavan felt that her husband was not trying hard enough to take care of his family.

She claimed that she had worked for close to 17 hours while also taking care of her family. It appears that the financial struggles that Deavan and Jihoon are going through could put a strain on their marriage. Jihoon has admitted that he is in a lot of debt, and many fans think that Deavan will have to step up and provide for her children on her own. Even though the couple is struggling to get along, "90 Day Fiancé" viewers hope that they can overcome their differences. Next Monday’s episode should shed more light on Jihoon and Deavan’s future together.