Last month, fans caught up with Kalani and Asuelu after they returned for the fifth season of "90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After." Viewers were first introduced to the couple on the sixth season of "90 Day Fiancé," and the couple tied the knot on the show. They have two children together, but the challenges of raising a family have caused a lot of friction between them. In last Sunday’s episode, Kalani and Asuelu got into a huge argument, and fans believe that they could break up this season, reports ET.

A controversial relationship

During the episode, "90 Day Fiancé" Asuelu appeared pissed off after Kalani insisted on traveling to California to celebrate her children’s birthday.

Kalani’s mother accompanied the couple and their two children, but Asuelu was in a terrible mood. The 26-year-old reality star has admitted that he is homesick, and he was angry that Kalani had rejected the idea of the family traveling to Samoa for the birthday celebration because of a measles outbreak in the country. As they drove to California, Asuelu exchanged some harsh words with Kalani. The Samoan reality star felt that his wife’s family did not respect his authority, while Kalani complained that Asuelu was always thinking about himself.

At one point in the argument, the Samoan insinuated that women had an easier time living in the United States. When Kalani’s mother intervened, Asuelu said that he was angry because she had asked him some stupid questions.

Fans have expressed their concern about Asuelu’s demeaning attitude towards women, and many feel that the Samoan reality star could eventually break up with Kalani. When they arrived at the birthday party, Kalani continued arguing with her husband, and he eventually stormed off. After TLC producers tracked him down, Asuelu said that he would travel back to Utah alone.

The relationship will likely survive

"90 Day Fiancé" viewers think that the frequent quarrels between Asuelu and Kalani could end their relationship. However, it appears that the couple will overcome their differences as the season progresses. On June 22, Kalani shared pictures of herself having a good time with Asuelu, which confirms that the couple will end up together.

The couple appeared happy in the pictures as they hang out with their friends. Even though the two reality stars will reconcile at some point in the season, next Sunday’s episode could see them drift further apart. In a sneak preview released by TLC, Kalani informs her father about her big fight with Asuelu, and he seems angered by his son-in-law’s behavior. Asuelu and Kalani’s father have not always had a good relationship, and the latest turn of events could see them get into a heated confrontation. Fans should tune in to TLC next Sunday to find out how Kalani’s father reacts to Asuelu’s insolence.