The seventh season of "90 Day Fiancé" introduced fans to some charismatic reality stars. Jasmin and Blake were a fan favorite during their time on the show, and they ended up getting married despite their frequent arguments. At the time, viewers felt that Jasmin was using Blake to move to the United States. Even though fans had their suspicions about Jasmin, the Finnish reality star has proved them wrong. She is still happily married to Blake, and she has moved to America to support his music career. Jasmin has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram, and her latest post has left fans drooling.

Jasmin's picture

In her post, Jasmin posed for the camera in an attractive short dress. The Finnish reality star has always had an impressive body, and she has never been afraid to display it. To caption the picture, Jasmin simply wrote, “Thick thighs, brown eyes.” Jasmin took the picture on her balcony as she enjoyed the amazing view in the background. Fans have been drooling over her gorgeous figure, and they feel that she is among the most attractive women to ever appear on the "90 Day Fiancé" series. The amazing photograph has already garnered 10,000 likes, and Jasmin’s followers posted positive comments praising her amazing body.

Blake and Jasmin have been enjoying their married life so far.

The couple has a shared YouTube channel where they update fans on their daily activities. In a recent interview, Blake admitted that he has been enjoying his sex life with Jasmin ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States. The music producer has been spending more time at home with his wife, and he says that their relationship has grown stronger.

Blake and Jasmin got married last year and posted their wedding pictures on Instagram immediately after TLC aired the episode. However, the couple does not have any plans to have a baby this year. However, Blake revealed that they want to have kids at some point in their marriage.

Blake and Jasmin's interview

During his interview, Blake also claimed that TLC did not accurately portray his relationship with Jasmin when the starred on the show.

The American reality star said that fans did not get to see some cool moments that he had with Jasmin. Instead, TLC focused on their frequent fights, which revolved around Jasmin’s dislike of Blake’s friends as well as his alcohol consumption. Blake feels that producers often filmed his fights with Jasmin without giving fans a clear insight about what they were fighting about.

Never the less, Blake has admitted that he wouldn’t mind appearing on another "90 Day Fiancé" spinoff series with Jasmin. Fans are looking forward to seeing the two reality stars make a comeback on TLC. For now, "90 Day Fiancé" viewers will have to follow the couple on Instagram to get updates about their lives.