The second season of "90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way" is currently airing on TLC, and fans are hopeful that last season’s most controversial storyline will finally have a happy conclusion. Jenny Slatten, and her Indian boyfriend, Sumit, were the stand-out couple from the first season of the "90 Day Fiancé" spinoff series. Jenny had traveled to India to be with her boyfriend, but during her stay, she found out that Sumit was already married. Jenny decided to call off the relationship as the season ended, but her ex-boyfriend appears to have convinced her to give him one more chance.

According to EOnline, this is the third time Jenny is visiting India.

Sumit and Jenny's relationship

Now that they are back together, fans hope that "90 Day Fiancé" star Sumit and Jenny will work on their relationship and eventually tie the knot. During their second stint on the show, fans have noticed that Sumit is more devoted to his girlfriend, and he has already started divorce proceedings against his ex-wife. However, some 90-Day viewers feel that Sumit may be trying too hard to impress Jenny. In a recent Instagram post, Sumit posted a badly photoshopped picture of the couple as he wished his followers a happy Fourth of July holiday.

In the creepy picture, Sumit used Photoshop to imprint his face and Jenny’s face onto a couple holding an American flag.

Sumit wished fans a happy Fourth of July and told them to follow him on his Facebook page. Sumit’s poor Photoshop skills did not impress "90 Day Fiancé" fans. Many of his followers pointed out that the picture was a forgery. Jenny’s face appeared smaller, while Sumit’s did not change the complexion of his arm to match his face.

Despite the poor Photoshop skills, some fans appreciated Sumit’s gesture, and the couple has been getting along well on the show.

The couple bought a house

In a recent episode, Sumit and Jenny revealed that they had bought a house together. Jenny has said that she is willing to settle with her 32-year-old boyfriend in India, but fans are skeptical about her ability to conform to Sumit’s religious beliefs.

During the house warming ceremony, Jenny seemed rattled as several elders carried out some rituals to bless the house. When they decided to use a cow, a sacred animal in Hindu religion, for the ceremony, Jenny looked scared and she desperately clutched at Sumit’s hand.

Even though the couple has put aside their earlier differences, their chances of ending up together will hinge on Jenny’s willingness to convert to the Hindu religion. Sumit’s parents have already expressed their skepticism about his relationship with the 61-year-old American reality star. The cultural differences between Jenny and Sumit make their love story compelling, and fans are looking forward to the rest of the season to find out whether they will tie the knot.