The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is an organization focused on Movies. Undoubtedly, it's most famous for annually giving out the Academy Awards. Also known as the Oscars.

The Academy does not publicize a full list of its members. But for many years, it has published a list of individuals invited to join its ranks. Though not confirmed, it's genuinely assumed most if not all invitees opt to join.

Awkwafina, Zendaya, Tim McGraw included among the invitees

AMPAS has made its official invites for 2020. It's a long and diverse list of names.

Entertainment Weekly indicates that the class would be the third-largest group of new members in the organization's history. As is typical, much of the attention quickly centers on the actors and actresses who have been invited.

Several cast members from the reigning Best Picture winner "Parasite" made the cut. Veteran actors on the list include Bobby Cannavale and Pierfrancesco Favino. John David Washington, son of two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington and former NFL player, is also among them. Long-time actresses invited include Tyne Daly, Eva Longoria, and Olivia Wilde.

A number of acting invitees have also had careers in music, including Awkwafina, Zendaya, and Tim McGraw. Cynthia Erivo was invited to both the acting and the music categories.

In 2020, she was nominated for both Best Actress and Best Original Song for "Harriet". Erivo would likely have to choose just one category to become a member of.

There are also several other categories of members, although many of those members' names are probably less recognizable to the general public. Although some, like director Matt Reeves and producer Ryan Murphy, might be more so than some of the others.

2020 is the first year under new rules

Earlier in the month, the Academy announced new rules regarding advancing diversity. Previously, it had announced a goal to increase the number of women among its members. And to make its membership more racially and ethnically diverse. According to the Academy, with the 2020 class, it has hit its goal.

There have also been a number of rule changes to the process of the Academy Awards. Including which AMPAS members are allowed to vote for them. There has been a change of status for artists' representatives and perhaps better known as agents.

Agents had previously been granted membership as 'Associates.' Beginning with 2020, they're considered 'Members-at-Large.' Whereas Associates in the Academy do not vote for the Oscars, Members-at-Large does vote for them. Members-at-Large are generally individuals who've long been active in filmmaking but don't fit into the other categories. Associates are often in an industry connected to, but not necessarily directly involved in, the filmmaking process.