Earlier this month, Nebraska college football fans learned that the team’s star wide receiver, JD Spielman had entered the transfer portal. Spielman was one of Nebraska’s most productive players, and his departure has not gone down well with the team’s fan base. Many feel that the Huskers should have done more to convince Spielman to stay, and a section of fans are blaming the team’s head coach, Scott Frost, for Spielman’s departure.

Scott Frost on Spielman

In March, Coach Frost informed the media that JD Spielman would not join the team from spring training.

The talented wide receiver had decided to skip the offseason workouts due to personal reasons. However, Coach Frost expressed optimism that Spielman would rejoin the team at some point before the beginning of the 2020 season. It, therefore, came as a shock to fans when they learned that the player had decided to leave the team in search of a new beginning. As a senior member of the team, Spielman’s leadership would have been crucial in the upcoming season. Fans also think that he would have served as a mentor to the young wide receivers on the team.

On his part, Coach Scott Frost has said that the team had no choice but to move on from Spielman. While speaking about the wide receiver’s decision to enter the transfer portal, Coach Frost said that the player was a playmaker who would make a difference on any team.

However, he revealed that he had spoken to Spielman before he made the decision, and it was clear that both parties needed to move on. Coach Frost admitted that he understands why fans are disappointed by Spielman’s departure, but he also expressed confidence that the team would be competitive even without their star wideout.

Even though Coach Frost is buoyant about the team’s chances without Spielman, fans feel that the team will struggle without him. Spielman is the only player in Nebraska’s history to record more than 800 receiving yards for three consecutive seasons. In his three years with the team, Spielman had 170 receptions for 2,546 yards and 15 touchdowns.

He is also second on the list of players who have recorded the most 100-yard receptions in a single game.

Difficult to replace Spielman

It’s clear that Spielman was an important contributor to the Husker’s offense, and it will be interesting to see how Coach Frost plans to compensate for Spielman’s loss. Nebraska recruited five wide receivers this year. Some of the players who could attempt to match Spielman’s production are Zavier Betts and Omar Manning. The two players are highly rated by talent scouts, and they could soften the blow of losing Spielman. However, there is no doubt that fans wanted the veteran wide receiver to end his college-playing career in Nebraska Huskers.