Accusations that the foreign partner is only in the relationship for a green card are common among "90 Day Fiance" couples. Unsurprisingly, Michael Ilesanmi received the same criticism ever since his first appearance on the TLC show with partner Angela Deem.

The Nigerian reality television star has been in a relationship with Angela for a year now. They first met online and started cultivating a relationship with each other. Back then, Angela was busy working as a nursing assistant in her hometown in Georgia. She eventually decided to fly to Nigeria to meet up with Michael.

Despite the challenges in their relationship, they fell in love with each other hard.

Michael Ilesanmi claps back at '90 Day Fiance' fan

Recently, Michael Ilesanmi has had enough of unfair criticisms against him. He expressed his frustration after seeing a problematic tweet from a "90 Day Fiance" fan. Michael got triggered after the follower commented on one of their videos. In the clip, the couple was being silly in the car while singing along to music. According to the comment, the video was “torture” and implied that Michael was desperate to get a green card. The reality star then confronted the follower in the comments, telling him to stop the “hate.” He also urged the commenter to unfollow them.

If not, he threatened that he will block the said person instead.

Angela Deem experiences cancer scare

Meanwhile, Angela Deem was optimistic that she would still be able to have kids. However, the "90 Day Fiance" cast member had a cancer scare. Angela previously felt elated after discovering that she had a period again after two years.

This gave her hope that she could still become pregnant despite her age.

She then visited a doctor to have her reproductive system checked. When she told the gynecologist that the bleeding she is experiencing could be a sign of cancer, she felt horrified. The doctor urged her to undergo an endometrial biopsy to check her health.

Angela was also informed that she had “essentially zero” chance of becoming pregnant on her own.

Angela gets her mother's blessings to marry Michael

In the most recent "90 Day Fiance" episode, Angela Deem opened up to her mother about her plan to have a baby. Her ailing mother listened in disbelief as she laid out her plans. Angela’s dream of becoming pregnant shocked her mother. She actively discouraged her daughter from getting her hopes up so that she will not be heartbroken. However, her mother still gave Angela her blessing.

In one of the episode’s confessionals, Angela could barely hold back her tears. Her mother has ill health and she might not be able to take her to Nigeria for her wedding to Michael. In a recent interview, Angela Deem said that they are working on her partner’s visa. She is hoping that Michael Ilesanmi can move to her Georgia home soon.