"Ghost Adventure's" star Zac Bagans is now the proud owner of the chair Michael Jackson's doctor used to sit in while in his bedroom tending to the late pop singer's medical needs. Bagans reveals that he recently purchased the chair from Jackson's Holmby Hills estate and has some big plans for the chair.

Michael Jackson's belongings continue to be sold

Bagans, who loves to collect memorabilia states that he bought the chair that famously sat in MJ's bedroom, the same room where the late King of Pop sadly died on June 25th, 2009 -- paying close to $15,000 for it.

It is also the said chair that Jackson's personal doctor claims he sat in watching over Michael, allegedly monitoring the "Thriller" hitmaker's stats while distributing Propofol to him, the same drug that tragically ended Jackson's life at the age of 50.

Bagans claims that he plans to exhibit the chair alongside other creepy memorabilia he has collected including Dr. Kevorkian's van and body part cauldron at his Las Vegas Haunted Museum. The "Ghost Adventures" star also reveals that he has extended an invitation to Dr. Murray to come out to the Las Vegas Haunted Museum, with the hope that Murray will talk about the chair from Michael Jackson's death room in person.

'Ghost Adventures' star adds a new piece to his Las Vegas Haunted Museum

Though it has been nearly eight years since Jackson unexpectedly died just weeks before is 51st birthday, fans are still feeling the pain of his loss. Jackson's official cause of death was listed as acute Propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication.

It is not out of the ordinary for super fans to collect odd celebrity memorabilia.

Some of the oddest things are collected for big money. Here is a small list of weird things fans have bought.

1. William Shatner's kidney stone was purchased in 2006 for $25,000.

2. Britney Spears' used pregnancy test went to one fan for over $5,000.

3. Justin Timberlake's uneaten French Toast for over $3,000.

4.Scarlett Johansson's used kleenex sold for $5,300.

5. Jerry Garcia's toilet went to a fan for $2,550.

What are your thoughts on Zac Bagans' purchase? What celebrity memorabilia would you buy, and how much would you be willing to spend?