Lisa Hamme surprised fans after confessing that she is trying to have a baby with husband Usman Umar. It looks like the "90 Day Fiance" couple is serious about starting a family together. In an interview on The Domenick Nati Show, Hamme clarified that she is not currently pregnant. She did acknowledge that they are actively trying to have a baby.

Lisa admitted that it might be a long shot. But she already knows what to do just in case they do not succeed. Shockingly, she said that they are also considering Usman marrying another woman to have a child.

This is allowed for Muslims like Usman.

Usman Umar admits he did not marry Lisa Hamme for love

Meanwhile, Usman Umar shocked everyone once again in a recent interview. This was after he said outright that he did not choose to marry Lisa Hamme because of love. In a separate interview on The Domenick Nati Show, Usman confessed that he married Lisa out of pity. In fact, he said that if she does not treat him better, they might get a divorce soon.

He also said that he blocked Lisa on his social media pages. According to him, he had to do it because she was harassing some of his fans. He also clarified that there is no truth to reports that he only agreed to marry Lisa for money.

He explained that if that was true, he would have targeted someone “rich.”

Lisa duct tapes mouth after TLC termination

Lisa Hamme, on the other hand, has other problems ahead of her. The Pennsylvania resident recently protested online after TLC fired her. She posted pictures of herself with duct tape in her mouth as a protest to her firing.

This seemingly refers to her termination as a means to silence her. The "Before the 90 Days" star has had a controversial few weeks online. She received a lot of criticism after Usman said that she called him the N-word.

Lisa was supposed to be part of the new spinoff "B90 Strikes Back." She was scheduled to become part of a series of interviews to promote the new show.

However, it was then that TLC announced that she will no longer appear in the spinoff.

Usman admits to using '90 Day Fiance' to become famous

Meanwhile, Usman Umar is open about him using his appearance on "90 Day Fiance" to become famous. The Nigerian rapper said that his participation in the reality show boosted his popularity. Usman, however, also thinks that his "90 Day Fiance" appearance was mutually beneficial for TLC as well. He believes that the series also benefitted from producing content focused on him and Lisa. On "90 Day Fiance," Usman Umar was always vocal about his dreams of getting a green card. It would enable him to continue his rap career in the United States, which would give him a bigger platform as an artist.