"90 Day Fiancé" viewers are always looking to interact with their favorite reality stars on social media. The series has grown popular over the last few years, and social media allows fans to keep in touch with cast members even after their time on the show ends. The fourth season of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" concluded last month, but fans still have many unanswered questions about Geoffrey Paschel’s love life.

Controversy over Geoffrey

The American reality star did not participate in TLC’s cast reunion episodes after the network banned him due to the pending domestic abuse allegations against him.

Nonetheless, Geoffrey recently revealed that fans have been pestering him for details about his love life. The stubborn interest from "90 Day Fiance" viewers has prompted Geoffrey to take an unusual step. On a recent Instagram status, Geoffrey gave out his Tennessee postal address to fans. He claimed that he gave out the address after fans insisted that they wanted to send him fan mail. Geoffrey told fans that they did not have to send him anything, but he would accept any gift that he received.

While some fans appreciated Geoffrey’s uncommon gesture, a section of "90 Day Fiancé" viewers accused him of trying to promote his sell produced Tell All.

After TLC banned Geoffrey from participating in its cast reunion episodes, the American reality star declared that he would release a video to give his side of the story. Domenick Nati will host Geoffrey’s Tell-All version, and his two love interests, Varya and Mary,will participate in the Tell All. Fans are still in the dark about Geoffrey’s love life.

While he got back together with Varya at the end of the season, there has been speculation that the couple broke up.

Varya and Geoffrey's relationship

In a recent interview, Varya revealed that she doesn’t wear Geoffrey’s engagement ring. She also refused to take her boyfriend’s side in his unresolved domestic abuse court cases.

Instead, Varya said that she would wait for the American court system to decide if Geoffrey was innocent. After she gave the interview, fans speculated that Varya and Geoffrey’s relationship was on borrowed time. While Geoffrey is yet to release his Tell All version, he recently posted a video on his YouTube channel defending himself from the domestic abuse allegations. In the video, Geoffrey claimed that his four ex-wives ganged up against him to tarnish his reputation.

The Tennessee native used several court documents to prove his point. He also posted a video of one of his ex-wives having a baby after she accused him of being absent during their child’s birth. Fans had mixed reactions to the video.

While many supported Geoffrey for defending himself, others felt that he using the documents to paint his accusers as villains. Since he has already given out his postal address, Geoffrey should expect a lot of fan mail regarding the matter.